Yagdil Torah’s sixth gala Melave Malka, A Massive Success

In an evening of empowerment, inspiration and solidarity, a large crowd of men and women gathered in the Oholei Torah Ballroom this past Motzei Shabbos to join in Yagdil Torah’s sixth gala Melave Malka, celebrating 12 years of success in its efforts to provide each individual with the resources needed to advance in Limud HaTorah.

Yagdil Torah was founded by Rabbi Levi and Batsheva Browd to honor the memory of their first-born son, Menachem Mendle a”h. Countless lives have been touched and uplifted by their work, and over the years, Yagdil Torah has generated a tremendous increase in Torah learning. Chief among its achievements is the beautiful Heichal Halimmud Tifferes Yitzchok – located in the heart of Crown Heights and open 20 hours a day – where all are welcome to come and learn in its comfortable and inviting environment.

“The event served to inspire participants and thank the honorees for what they do for the Crown Heights community,” remarked Browd. “Thank you to all the supporters who enabled us to achieve our successes of the past 12 years and thank you to the thousands who participate by learning – whether at a shiur, in the Heichal Halimmud, through our print or online publications, or by being a member of one of our many learning programs.”

Early comers were presented with a special gift: Rabbi Nachman Wilhelm’s sefer of questions and answers on the Kitzur Shulchan Aruch.

The evening’s honorees were Rabbi Sholom Dovid Geisinsky, Mr. Asher Lieblich, and Mr. Chony Milecki. Each imparted meaningful and practical lessons and encouraged everyone to extend their support to Yagdil Torah and other Torah institutions.

Rabbi Geisinsky conveyed how crucial Torah institutions such as Yagdil Torah are, and how the pure environment in Yagdil Torah’s Heichal allows people to progress in their learning, no matter who they are or where they come from. He also shared personal stories which served to emphasize his point.

Mr. Lieblich shared a story of the Rebbe where the Rebbe blessed someone with hatzlacha b’gashmius and b’ruchnius – gashmius preceding ruchnius. This correlates well with the order of Yakov Avinu’s blessings to his children, where he blessed Zevulun before Yissachar; imparting the lesson that those who are successful financially have the obligation to support those who are involved in Torah.

Mr. Milecki related how Yagdil Torah has changed the way he lives his life as well as the dynamics of his family, and gave thanks to Yagdil Torah for encouraging him and getting him back into learning Torah. He also ardently expressed the importance of placing an emphasis on chinuch, particularly regarding one’s own children.

Yehuda Piamenta delighted the crowd with a stirring selection of niggunim, masterfully performed on the flute, and Rabbi Shalom Moshe Paltiel, who emceed the event, inspired, entertained and uplifted all those present with his compelling thoughts and captivating anecdotes, delivered in his warm and dynamic style.

Rabbi Levi Kaplan passionately articulated the powerful influence that Yagdil Torah is affecting on the Crown Heights community. “We finally have an organization like this!” he enthused. “Now we have to help them expand and flourish even more!”

Find out more about Yagdil Torah or make a donation at www.YagdilTorah.org.

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