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Video: Bochur Performs CPR on Cardiac Patient

A passenger in a vehicle travelling on Eastern Parkway suffered a medical incident, he got out of the car and lied down on the ground and appeared to be suffering a cardiac episode. A Lubavitcher Bochur sprang into action and performed CPR, likely saving the man life.

EMS later arrived on scene and rushed the aided to a nearby hospital.

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  • 1. Picaboo Shimon wrote:

    Great story. I hope the person fully recovers from the cardiac incident

  • 2. Why does it say.. wrote:

    that CPR saved his life? The bystanders were saying that he was breathing. In that case he didn’t need CPR

  • 3. O.d. wrote:

    יוסף אתה גדול!!!!
    EMS came very late!!!! Its happened at 12:47 pm and immediately call 911, they arrived at 2:13.

  • 4. Dov wrote:

    This is why everyone has an obligation to learn CPR and thats why I teach it an extremely low cost. If anybody in flatbush or BP wants to learn CPR call 3474703688

    • 5. why only in flatbush or BP wrote:

      The name of this website is…. crown heights

    • 7. ahavasyisroel wrote:

      well, you also want to be able to save the lives of fellow Jews :)

  • 8. The real story wrote:

    I actually carried him out of the car. HE passed out and the car rolled to a stop. A few people called 911 and then once 911 said to carry him out, 2 people assisted me to carry him and put him on the grass. We found 1 bochur who knew cpr to start trying to revive him. we flagged down a passing ambulance who took over, then a fire truck came and then finally the ambulance that was dispatched. Took like 10 min for ambulance to respond.
    Moishe S.

    • 9. Y A wrote:

      Yes Moshie I was also there.
      The Bochur was by HASHGACHA PROTIS crossing the street to see what’s goung on. He then sprang into action.
      Just to add, when the ems finally arived, the black girls that were there. Were saying that the driver was ONLY saved because of the bocher…..

  • 10. Everyone's a doctor wrote:

    What’s with putting him on his side? Never heard of this.

    • 11. learn cpr for heavens sake wrote:

      after he starts breathing again you put him on his side which is the recovery position

    • 12. Learn CPR wrote:

      If someone passes out and you don’t know if he was eating something and chocked, C”V the first thing you do is to turn the person on its side an check his mouth if anything i’s in there.
      Please everyone go learn CPR. I learned after my son chocked on something and I didn’t know what I was doing… bh I managed with what I knew, but c”v you don’t ever want that to happen to you…

    • 13. Doctor wrote:

      Exactly what the article is about. That everyone should do the CPR course and then you would be able to save lives and know what the putting him on his side is about.

  • 14. wr32 wrote:

    kiddush haShem shows the world what we really are and what we are supposed to be. Kol hakavod, good work.


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