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Video: Daskals Adaptation of the ‘Song of Peace’

With chaos and turmoil around the world, Shloime Daskal performed Mordechai Ben David’s hit classic – Shir Hashalom [Song of Peace].


  • 1. wow Shloime! wrote:

    Love it … please share more of Daskal’s new stuff with us … please!

  • 3. Another Bubby wrote:

    Wow! Double Wow! Ad infinitum wow!
    My heart leaps and sings every time I listen to this GORGEOUS rendition of a great song! Everyone involved, from the pianist to the violinists to the drummer to the guitar players to the saxaphonist, trumpeter, oboe players, and the wonderful singers who back up joyous, enthusiastic, talented Shloimie Daskal, seems to be having the time of his life!


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