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Video: Brothers Sing for Youngest’s Bar Mitzvah

Simcha Dubov, the special son of Rabbi Sholom Ber and Devorah Leah Dubov, Shluchim to Orlando, Florida, recently celebrated his Bar Mitzvah, where he surprised everyone with an inspirational speech that touched everyone’s hearts. His six older brothers, Levik, Sruly, Mendy, Tzviki, Dovid and Tzaly, had a surprise too: a song they all recorded together just for him.

Song Composed by Abie Rotenberg
Musical arrangement by Aron Niasoff
Performed by The Dubov Brothers
Recorded at Midi Studio (Orlando, FL)
Video by Jeffrey Hepburn
Video edited by Mendy and Yisrael Dubov

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  • 1. Emotional beyond words! wrote:

    The song is beautiful and was sung with such expression and emotion! May the entire family have tremendous Nachas from the Bar Mitzvah Simcha sheyichye!

  • 2. mazel tov! wrote:

    Wow. If that is not one of the most beautiful things I have seen in a while…
    I wish Simcha and his entire impressive family a hearty mazel tov and much nachas.

  • 5. wow wrote:

    beautiful and soooo touching, truly heartwarming, much nachas, just wish he would not have said ” I will not bore you ” a Mamor should never bore.. Hope my feelings are taken correctly, as your efforts deserve great admiration.

    • 6. Maynosecha Chutza wrote:

      Unfortunately for Jews who are barely knowledgeable of basic yiddishkeit, let alone profound Chassidic insights, a Mamer often is boring – as chassidus was for all of us before we began to learn it. This brings the message down to earth is a practical way.

  • 7. Magnifcent! wrote:

    This is so so beautiful! Please put in social media, facebook, yeshiva world, arutz sheva, col, etc. So well done!

  • 13. Your best friends wrote:

    You guys r so nice to him for being his fan and cheering for him keep it up

    • 16. Kol Kvuda Bas Melech Pnima wrote:

      2 actually! Both of shlichus in their respective communities along with their husbands and families.

  • 17. absolutely beautiful wrote:

    I watched this with tears on my face, so emotional, and touching
    Amazing brothers to do this for their incredible Bar Mitzvah brother
    loads of nachas to the parents, you’ve produced a wonderful family!

  • 19. WOW wrote:

    Mazal Tov Simcha!

    Thank you for the beautiful and moving barmitzvah maamar.

    May you and your family continue to bring people joy and happiness.

  • 20. Etty wrote:

    So amazingly beautiful! Such wonderful boys KA”H and Mazel Tov to the whole family. Nachas galore! Loved it.

  • 21. Miriam wrote:

    U guys are the best brothers in the world!! This is by far the most beautiful and touching video I have seen! Mazal tov , much nachas and brocha!


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