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Video: An Arab Muslim in the Israeli Army

Why would an Arab Muslim serve in the Israeli military? Because he, like many Israeli Arabs, proudly defend the nation that has given them freedom and opportunity. Mohammad Kabiya, Israeli Air Force reservist, shares his remarkable story.

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  • 1. hopeful wrote:


    Didn’t even read the story. In Bnei Brak an arab that worked in the yeshiva for 30 years turned his back on them and killed students. same for a vegetable store worker, after many many years, they were trusted, till one day…yimach shmum vzichrum!!! serving in the army no less.

  • 2. amazing but wrote:

    amazing but terrifying.
    You can not trust the arabs in the army even if there are a handful of good guys. There are too many awful stories, r’l.
    Now for all the broad-minded leftists go ahead with your broad-minded bright comments.

  • 3. Way to be judgmental wrote:

    Cool, be more judgemental and give them reasons to hate us. :(
    Can’t we give the ones who serve in the army and stuff the benefit of the doubt? They themselves have done nothing wrong. Don’t judge EVERYONE in a group just because it’s not the best bag of apples. And the ones who aren’t bad are especially bright. :)

    • 4. ahavasyisroel wrote:

      I don’t want to be judgmental but we’re talking about giving them dangerous positions of power when most Jews are not even allowed to own a weapon.


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