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Video: Do Jews Believe in Ghosts?

References to ghosts date back to ancient world, but belief in ghosts is still very prevalent today. A recent Gallup poll says that 3 out of 4 Americans believe in some kind of paranormal activity. What are ghosts? Is there any scientific basis for them? Does Jewish tradition make any reference to them? Rabbi Pinchas Taylor, a shliach in south Florida, gives an overview while exploring a supposedly “haunted house” in Ft. Lauderdale.


  • 1. Today's the wrong day for this wrote:

    Looks like we are interested in cv”s the hollow- weeny activity surrounding us

  • 4. Milhouse wrote:

    What does science say? Why don’t you ask some scientists, or at least quote some? Instead you ask what science says, and then quote the quacks and frauds at the Society for Psychical Research, not one of whom is a scientist. That’s dishonest.

  • 5. Rivka Leah wrote:

    Unfortunately, it is the right day!
    Today’s generation is, yes, celebrating this goyishkeit. It’s all over the place.
    One generation above knew better.
    We have to grab the moment to transmit
    A Yidishe Vort.
    Great video, Rabbi.

  • 6. Yehuda wrote:

    There is nothing Goyish about Halloween ‘ it is from the Torah’ It is for the Neshomos’ unless the Torah was copied


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