Fire on 14th Floor of Ebbets Field Apartments Injures 2

by Staff

Two people were injured after a fire broke out on the 14th floor of the landmark Crown Heights high-rise apartment complex known as the Ebbets Field Apartments early Tuesday morning.

The incident occurred at 11 McKeever Place, located between Empire Blvd. and Montgomery Street, beginning at approximately 3:00am.

Witnesses say they heard screams and saw smoke, which eventually prompted a large response by the FDNY. 20 units and 78 firefighters converged at the scene, and had the fire under control within an hour.

Two people were taken to Kings County Hospital to be treated for injuries. They are listed in stable condition.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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  • 1. Winston Virgo wrote:

    God bless ch12 for coverin this story.sad to say but thank god tha 2 people inside were spared from death.but its old sayin wen u do evil it comes bac to u.msr cobbs and his fiance hav done a lot off damage.and i jus hope that he can seek refuge i god.but as far as tha rest of family they are movin on and wish him best in wat ever he does w his lif we will keep him in our prayers.


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