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Video: Zisha Schmeltzer Tells His Story with the Rebbe

Skverer Chosid Reb Zisha Schmeltzer, older brother of singer Lipa Schmeltzer, tells the story he experienced with the Lubavitcher Rebbe when he traveled to the collapsing USSR to aid Jewish people living there.

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  • 2. What? wrote:

    Can we please actually see that clip of the Rebbe by dollars “closing his eyes” and “ignoring and not giving a dollar”?!

    Sounds strange to believe if you ask me

    • 3. Anonymous wrote:

      If you know the shmeltzer family you would know to take it with a spoonful of salt.

  • 4. Say it right wrote:


    Zusha, not Zisha.

    Chabad pronunciation here, not Chagas.

  • 5. To #4 wrote:

    Excuse me, if Reb “Zisha” goes by that spelling then he has the right to have his name spelled in the article the way he writes it, just bec it’s the Polisheh / Hungarisheh way of spelling & pronunciation, I’m very sorry, but that’s too bad for you, yes this is a Lubavitch website but out of respect for him, yes he has the right to have his name written the way he spells it, wheather you like it or not. Also being that it’s the 3 weeks the piano & music in the background is an issue, bec not just live music is Asur but even recorded is as well, maybe it would have been better to post this before the 3 weeks or after, or maybe he should have said the story without music.

  • 6. To #4 wrote:

    Yes, this is the right pronunciation, & the right way to spell it, being that it’s about Reb Zisha yes, Reb “Zisha” bec it’s an article regarding something he did & he has every right that his name be spelled the way he writes it & says it, this is the “Right way” for him, so if you don’t like it, you could go fly a kite, the same way that if your name would be “Zusha” & they would spell it Zisha on their website, you wouldn’t like it, so it works both ways my friend, this is the 3 weeks we have to learn to respect, treat others nicely the way you want to be treated, with respect, courtesy & consideration, this is the time especially to increase in ahavas chinom, & show true love for our fellow yid, we want Moshiach to come already & take us to Yerushalayim It HaKodesh, so like Rabbi Schochet always says let’s start doing what we are supposed to do & bring Moshiach Now like the Rebbe promised us, Now Now Now is the time, lets do it !!


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