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Video: Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

Rabbi Yisroel and Vivi Deren, Shluchim to Connecticut, who have experienced incredible tragedies in their lives, discuss the age-old question “why do bad things happen to good people?” with Rabbi Nachman Simon on the cable TV show The Jewish View.


  • 1. Beautiful! wrote:

    Absolutely amazing talk! Yasher Koach! May Rabbi & Mrs. Deren have only Good news to share with everyone!!!

  • 2. The Power of a Smile Indeed! wrote:

    When I was sitting shiva for my father, obm, I asked a friend to please contact Rabbi Sholem Ber Gordon, obm, the Shaliach in Maplewood, NJ, to ask him to please pay a shiva visit to me.

    We had never met, but as the Jewish Hospital Chaplain in NJ, he had visited my father.

    It is over 30 years since we met, for that one time, but the chizuk of the SMILE that Rabbi Gordon gave me, still warms and strengthens me!

    So yes, one never knows the power of a smile.

    Penina Metal


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