Video: Rat Drags Garbage Bag Across Sidewalk

A massive rat is gaining national attention after it was filmed dragging a garbage bag several times its size across a Crown Heights sidewalk.

The incident was filmed this past Thursday on Dean Street between Kingston and Brooklyn Avenues by a local resident, who stopped in her stacks as the shocking image unfolded before her eyes.

Residents say the rats are becoming an increasing problem in the neighborhood.

Two years ago, another New York rat – dubbed “Pizza Rat” – became a viral sensation after it was seen dragging a slice of pizza down the stairs in the subway, oblivious to commuters rushing by.


  • 1. Not So Big wrote:

    On Shabbos I saw an even bigger rat climb out of one of my garbage cans holding a pizza bagel it had retrieved therein. From now on I am keeping my garbage cans covered.

  • 2. Andrea Schonberger wrote:

    Remember pizza rat a while back ago? That was a pretty big rat dragging a piece of pizza down to the subway.

  • 5. Anonymous wrote:

    What do they expect? None of the garbage is secured
    in garbage cans with tight-fitting lids.

  • 6. CH Bubby wrote:

    And people still put bread out thinking they are feeding the birds, but attracting the rats instead.

  • 7. Anonymous wrote:

    Its time to get garbage cans for residents to put there garbage bags in. Will be a lot more attractive looking too.

  • 8. cholentmitkugel wrote:

    I had a fright. I crooked my neck to the right looking down an alleyway on Kingston near 770. It was close. It looked like a fat cat and it was coming my way. Another was a rat. Gawd did I scoot away real quick. Summer is here and rats lovvvve cholent!

  • 9. Uncle Mendel wrote:

    I recognize that rat. I used to see him every time I registered my kids for school !

  • 11. sd wrote:

    I do not think that this facet of Crown Heights is something to broadcast in the media. We have so many positive attributes and this is definitely not one of them.

  • 12. to sd wrote:

    I don’t think that the posting of this was to embarass or make CHts look bad, its to raise awareness so that it can be taken care of.
    We are feeding those rats which is partly why we have them so much. We all have to be more careful . Its disgusting, despicable and we all have to do what we can to not feed them

  • 13. Uncle Mendel wrote:

    I didn’t know we opened up a rat Take Out Place?
    I see it is open 24/7.
    Do they serve Sicilian Pizza?

  • 14. Yossel wrote:

    I know that rat..his name is Mousey Mickey and he’s run for City Council a number of times, and he won. He’s currently a Subway Track Maintenance Manger for the MTA, working in the Brooklyn Yard. He’s also employed part-time as spokesrat for a number of local bakeries, where he tastes baked goods and reviews them for the Daily News…

  • 15. MO the shmo wrote:

    This article is more interesting than giving food during Ramadan article


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