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Music Video: Fly Away by Nissim

Filmed in South Africa, Fly Away is the message of a young teen who is part of a community of converts to Judaism living in the slums of Johannesburg, where basic necessities like running water and electricity are nothing more than a dream and violence and fear are part of the daily diet. Against all odds, the light of Judaism burns brightly with his soul, giving him the confidence to believe that, like Nissim, he too will one day able to emerge from a cocoon of darkness into a world illuminated by the beauty of a life filled with Torah.

Fly away is accompanied by a music video directed by renowned director and producer Daniel Finkelman who wrote the script in collaboration with producer Shlomi Cohen.

Having grown up surrounded by wrinkling adversity, Nissim’s lyrics and music come straight from the heart, inspiring listeners to rise above their circumstances, follow their dreams and dare to do the impossible. Nissim has already made a huge mark in the Jewish music world in two previous music videos, collaborating with Israeli superstar Gad Elbaz and director Daniel Finkelman of Sparks Next in Hashem Melech 2.0 and L’chaim, both of which went viral on YouTube.

“Nissim has become a role model for so many, achieving so much against all odds,” said Finkelman.  “Having experienced a similar journey, his message here is don’t feel like you are stuck in life.  Let go, break your boundaries and fly away because the possibilities are endless.”

Fly Away is being released in conjunction with Nissim’s highly anticipated album, Lemala. An original Nissim composition with arrangements by Yosef Brown and Yisrael Laub. Fly Away is directed by Daniel Finkelman with executive producers Adam Margules, Shlomi Cohen of HOSHEN Productions and EOM Travel , specializing in discounted premium travel.


  • 1. Doh Geit Ah Chossid! wrote:

    Why is it that he is dressed with such a Yiddishe Taam, while Lubavitcher “entertainers” find it necessary to dress like Yuppie wannabes?

  • 3. Correction wrote:

    I know Nissim personally, and he is a truly ehrliche Yid. A very impressive person.

  • 4. Meshuga wrote:

    Why does he promote conversion as a means to fulfillment? There’s no mitzvah for a goy to convert so why not just encourage the sheva mitzvos? He makes conversion out to be the answer, which it’s not.

    • 5. Exactly wrote:

      It appeals to a certain liberal Western mindset whereby the “oppressed” black uses a metaphor to guilt his white “oppressor” into giving him something he lacks. In the US you can replace “Judaism” with “social welfare” and it would be the same game. He exploits our weakness (and kindness) and we let him because it somehow allows us to feel better about ourselves.

  • 6. fantastik job wrote:

    this has been the best video to come out from nissim keep it up nissim you are doing GREAT


    • 8. oye.. wrote:

      so you found a chisaron..
      now please go find something positive to at least counter the negative.
      to some it’s ok after lag b’omer
      and maybe this came out on lag b’omer.
      I never even thought sfira while watching this..
      besides isn’t it time to turn sfira into simcha.. so let’s drop the negative and that will surely help hasten that era’s arrival.

  • 9. American dream wrote:

    Not everyone follows the strict custom not to listen to music the entire Sefira. Sefardim resume listening to music from Lag B’Omer. To Meshuga and Exactly – stop being convert haters! I’m sure Nissim also promotes the Sheva Mitzvot. Some opinions say the whole reason for our exile is to gather the converts – the righteous among the nations who become Jewish. Clearly Nissim is a Righteous Convert! Baruch Hashem that he is making a huge kiddush Hashem with his music and drawing people to Hashem and the Torah! How dare you bash converts so close to the holiday of Shavuot when we read the book of Ruth and acknowledge that we were ALL like converts when we received the Torah. We are warned at least 36 times in the Torah to love converts, not to harm them and not to cheat them, etc, etc, etc.

    • 10. Meshuga wrote:

      Who said anything about hating converts? I don’t know Nissim and can’t speak to his level of sincerity. His message in the video, however, is troubling in that it promotes conversion to Judaism as a solution to general human suffering. This approach is patently forbidden by our Torah and sages.

  • 11. LearnToLove wrote:

    Sheez #4 and #5! And then when a tragedy happens you say “ad mosai”, “why isn’t Moshiach here”… YOUR THE REASON HE’S NOT HERE! You somehow find the negative in anything and everything that your not accustomed to and takes you out of your cozy comfort zone.

    Where is the video does he “promote” conversion? He promotes being proud of who you are despite being judged and criticized by people (like you).

    If you were half the person Nissim is, we probably wouldn’t be having this conversation.

  • 12. Sfira wrote:

    How did anyone watch a music video during sfira? Why post something we (lubavitchers) can’t view because we are still observing sfira?

  • 13. dont listin wrote:

    nissim you are doing great keep up the great work may you go from strength to strength


  • 14. who ever does not like it wrote:

    if you dont want to listin to the music dont listin and you shuld FORSURE shuld not be puting him down this is his style music and if you dont like it dont listin and as i said before you shuld FORSURE not be puting him down

  • 15. Asher wrote:

    Kol Hakavod! Much more inspiring than the other “:CHabad Comedian” entertainment video


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