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Video: Arab Woman Bravely Reveals Truth About Israel

In this rare video a Muslim Israeli woman, talking to her brothers in Arabic, praises and defends the state of Israel on its 69th birthday.


  • 1. Not rare wrote:

    Sarah Zoabi is a legend here in Israel – her sons served in the IDF, she is a staunch supporter and defender of Israel, & her name is well known for speaking out.

    The video is not rare… but she is. BTW her cousin is the Arab MK Zoabi, a vicious, evil, corrupt woman whose “alternative lifestyle” would mean execution in any Arab state. But Israel, the country she vilifies, not only allows her to live her life as she pleases but lets her be an MK.

    This world is insane. Thank G-d for Sarah Zoabi and her family.

  • 2. Woah wrote:

    Thats a powerful message. She makes great points and is truly fearless for saying this. I would like to know more about her.


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