Jewish Boy Attacked by Neighbor’s Pit Bull

A 3-year-old Jewish boy is recovering after he was viciously attacked and mauled by his neighbor’s unleashed pet dog in Spring Valley, NY. The incident was caught on surveillance video.

The child was rushed to an area hospital by Monsey Hatzolah.

The child’s condition is currently stable. A photo obtained by (see below) appears to show the child has a puncture wound to his neck and several cuts on his face.

The dog was originally returned to its owner, but was later picked up by police officers and taken to a local animal shelter until further notice.

The incident, and whether or not the dog has attacked before, is currently under investigation.


  • 1. Crazy Dog. wrote:

    A Refua Shlaima to the little boy.
    The owners of the dog should be fined for not having this vicious animal on a leash or confined in their yard.
    They should also pay full damages and medical expenses or be sued.
    The dog should be put down as soon as possible no question about it.


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