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Video: “Algeria, Where Are Your Jews?”

Delegate Hillel Neuer responds to Arab Countries’ obsession with denouncing Israel at the UN Human Rights Council.


  • 1. DeClasse' Intellectual wrote:

    As far as the council has been is and will be concerned–this all blowing in the wind by the un watch

  • 2. mwws wrote:

    Hillel is brilliant, and a tremendous asset to the world’s Jewish population, and to the world in general. He is accomplishing so much. kol hakovod to him.

  • 4. CR wrote:

    “Algeria, Where Are Your Jews?”

    I used to have a workmate from Algeria. Nice fellow with whom I generally got along well. He had his occasional words about “The Israeli State” that I generally let that slide. However, at one point I remarked about Algeria’s legacy Jewish community and how they all fled in the mid 20th Century following Algeria’s independence from France. His answer was that French culture did not belong in Algeria so they naturally left. He totally ignored and denied that a strong Jewish community had been present in what became Algeria since before Islam first emerged.

    The obtuse denial and censoring of a major part of their country’s history is part-and-parcel of being a modern day Algerian.

  • 5. shlomo wrote:

    they lie for sure. only apartheid exist in israel it apartheid against russian jews from last aliya(1988-now) H”YDami


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