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Video: Survivor of Auschwitz Returns in Defiance

“There are no words to describe the emotion felt as I witnessed my grandfather relieve his experiences at the entrance of the death camp – Auschwitz-Birkenau. The same place he stood 73 years ago as a small child,” says the grandson of Rabbi Nissen Mangel, who returned to Auschwitz this week in defiance after narrowly surviving the camp and its infamous “doctor” Jospeh Mangele YMS as a 10-year-old boy.


  • 1. Chai vekayam wrote:

    This brings years to my eyes. I have heard much more details from Rabbi Mangel.

    The main point he claims is that anyone who survived only saw miracles. It only made him believe more in Hashem Yisborach!

  • 3. Kalman(mitzvah tank) wrote:

    Rabbi Mangel told me that the root of the souls of Israel are rooted in the absolute essence of G-D, the atzmus, vemehus ain-sof ! Mamish the essence of the creator! Every Jew is ETERNAL, may we have the resurrection of the JEWISH PEOPLE now! Told to me in the year of 1983

  • 6. Best Holocaust story wrote:

    My mother, A”H, also a Holocaust survivor – I let her hear Rabbi Mangel’s recorded lecture of his experience. She said, This is the best Holocaust story I ever heard. Such a little boy going through all this.”


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