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Video: Super Bowl Party for the Homeless

Crown Heights filmmaker Meir Kalmanson threw a Super Bowl Party for New Yorkers who had nowhere to go.


  • 1. A huge fan wrote:


    I cried. This was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. A true kiddush hashem. Your a special soul. May g-d bless you with all your hearts desires for the good in the greatest measure and may you continue to use your talent for the benefit of all.
    Kol hakavod

  • 2. 2348 wrote:

    I wish more of us would have that generous ability to extend ourselves.
    That is shlichus, he is a walking bais chabad.

  • 4. shocked wrote:

    Is this what Shlichus is about? Worrying that the homeless should participate in Super Bowl festivities? Isn’t it enough that we deal with our own children being dragged into this nonsensical frenzy of the Super Bowl culture we applaud this kind of Shlichus!! I am appalled that you would even feature this here!!

    • 5. u cant be serious wrote:

      what about when you hear of the chabad houses stepping up when people lose their home to hurricanes, or tragedy strikes a foreign country, chabad is always there to help out and none complains, but here you do?
      go hide!!

  • 6. Dear holier than thou wrote:

    You are an arm insulting your own leg. If you can’t see the beauty of this then you clearly don’t understand chesed. While I would not personally do this, someone else did. He showed compassion & care and yet you criticize him. We all have our different roles in this world. Yours is not to look down your nose at your brother. Your holier than thou attitude is rather distasteful, to put it lightly. May you be bentched with more compassion and understanding.

    • 7. Sarah wrote:

      nice!…u r a real mench……quick….go but a powerball ticket for tonight and use that money to help this world

  • 8. shocked wrote:

    I’m actually known as one who has an abundance of compassion and understanding! Your response is the typical attitude of today that everything is good and ok. This is a dangerous slippery slope. Not all behavior is right and not all things deserve praise. I have no problem admiring kindness to another human being but to make it the shlichus and Kiddush Hashem “moment” of the week diminishes the acts of Chesed and Mesirus Nefesh that hundreds of Shluchim do daily all over the world. To put the joy of Super Bowl on par with with true acts of goodness and kindness is really pathetic.

  • 9. Family Advocate wrote:

    Lovely gesture. I hope to volunteer for some out reach in the future.

  • 10. 2348 wrote:

    to #4:
    by doing what he did, he surely found yidden to send to a chabad house, or to help them in some way.
    yidden are everywhere, and der Abishter sent us the Rebbe to find the hidden diamonds

  • 11. Andrea Schonberger wrote:

    Dear #4 and #8, Rabbi Kalmanson performed a chesed, plain and simple though it was. It’s acts like these that speed the coming of Moshiach.

  • 12. annoyed person wrote:

    why are you degrading and complaning about something someone did to be nice to homeless people?

  • 14. chesed? wrote:

    chesed? its a nice thing? are you out of your box? this is the epitimy of goyishnes just becuase theres something called the super bowl its off limits for yiden kal vachomer for the rebbes chasidim even so was this for the homeles? or to pushit watch the superbowl for his personall enjoyment? why publicize this goyishnes? my point is even if he thought he was doing something nice why publicize? and if he wants to do chesed he could do other stuff theres plenty of poor yiden also

  • 15. Don't criticize, DO wrote:

    Stop whining how this isn’t a kidush hashem, maybe not to those select few but if this is posted on a website like YouTube and people see what mentchen jews are, and how we don’t only do things for our selves, like the saying “rich, selfish Jews” this could make a huge impact on other people. I don’t mean to say diversity is a good thing or that watching the super bowl is a good thing, but what he did is truly a good thing and I respect him.
    Keep going strong MK
    kol hacavod

  • 16. curious wrote:

    Just Curious

    can someone please explain
    Although the poor always appreciate a good warm meal.
    When is it truly helping another in need?
    When is it exploiting anothers tzaros for personal gain or fame?

  • 17. moishe pupik wrote:

    kalmenson! great publicity stunt. Movies will follow. Try to enlist Obama he is a great comedian.


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