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Video: Sara Chana’s Delicious Tofu Tacos

Sara Chana Silverstein, a Crown Heights mother of seven who specializes in areas of alternative medicine and herbs, appeared on the ABC show CT Style to share her recipe for delicious tofu tacos.


  • 1. Grateful we left wrote:

    Eat whatever you want but take your child to licensed Dr when sick. I know too many people with hearing loss when ear infections were trade with alternative remedies. Eat everything but less of it and fruit and vegetables and you will be healthy and slim. Food is not a religion and fads come and go.

  • 2. Torah! wrote:

    “Alternative” remedies don’t work and are DANGEROUS! If you’re sick go to an actual medical clinic. Don’t rely on shtus like homeopathy!

  • 3. oh dear wrote:

    What do you think the rambam used? you think he gave antibiotics to every person who came with sniffles or an ear infection? He used herbs to create remedies from the wonderful plants hashem created for us to use! the ramban says medicine should be your last resort and before that you should eat plants that can heal you next step tinctures or remedies that were made from the plants and LAST RESORT medicine from doctors. maybe educate yourselves before bashing someone who is doing the right thing


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