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Video: Chasidic Wedding in Utah a Rare Event

On Sept. 12, 2016, Chaya Zippel and Rabbi Mendy Cohen were married in a traditional Jewish ceremony at Salt Lake City’s Grand America Hotel. The Salt Lake Tribune was on hand to capture a scene that many Utahns rarely get to see.


  • 3. Moshe Binyamin wrote:

    This is probably the 1st time in History that a frum Chassidic wedding took place in Salt Lake City, UT, don’t know how many Yidden live in Salt Lake City or Utah all together, but this was a true Kiddush Shem Shamaiyim, & BH the news came & it was probably show on every news station in every city & town in the entire state of Utah, Utah is known for the Mormons. Way to Go Zippels & Cohens for making your Simcha in Salt Lake City !! Mazal Tov !! Many more Simchas !!


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