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Video: Week Two at CGI-Montreal

The campers and staff of Gan Yisroel-Montreal had an inspiring and fun-filled second week of camp, the highlights of which were captured in this video.


  • 1. a mother wrote:

    I am not sure if it is proper to show a picture as the one shown here. i think i heard that the Rebbe spoke about tznius that it applies also to men and he was not pleased seeing a picture of men in short pants.
    Maybe someone might remember the sicha.

    Thanks for giving the boys a great time. My boys love this camp. Wishing you all a lot of success!

  • 2. sefira wrote:

    Nice video, but would be better w/o music so we could play the sound too.

  • 3. Chosid wrote:

    Nice video but:
    1. All parents want to see is their child having fun in camp. Try to have more pictures of happy campers.
    2. As a chassideshe camp you should ask a Rov if live music is appropriate to have in camp.


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