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Video: Meet the All-Female Hasidic Rock Band

Great Big Story, a video news network, interviewed the Crown Heights-based band called Perl to hear about their performances and how they’re empowering women not just in their community, but in their religion to overcome misperceptions of oppression.


  • 2. Anonymous wrote:

    So is this another all-female band in addition to “Bulletproof Stockings?”

  • 3. best mashpia wrote:

    oh please! this has nothing to do with lubavitch!!!
    modern orthodox Jews, that live in crown heights..
    save us from these New aged chasidisim!
    did the Alter Rebber sit in prison for a “women’s chassidish band???”

  • 5. Aaron Minkowitz wrote:

    why would you post this ( which i think is great by the way) but you will NOT post images of the Kallah’s side when you post Lechayim images.

  • 7. Anonymous wrote:

    Can anyone answer if this is another all-women’s Chasidic band in addition to “Bulletproof Stockings” or if they are the same band with a different name?

    • 8. Anonymous wrote:

      Perl includes some former members of Bulletproof Stockings, but they’re not all the same women.

  • 9. ? ? ? ? wrote:

    How can anyone associate this word with a Rock band?!
    And right, number one, what WOULD the Rebbe say?

  • 11. HEAVEN HELP US! wrote:

    how sad that women feel they have to copy the goyim and their corrupt way of life. The Rebbe was and is the biggest womens supporter but would be HORRIFIED at this. Please, leave crown heights to the people who want to be chasidish without the need to copy every avodah zorah.

  • 12. Not sure wrote:

    Really not sure why a website like CH info would promote/endorse such a group, in our world of Chabad and all it stands for
    I find it really tragic actually that this is what we’ve come to:(

  • 13. clarify wrote:

    Bulletproof stockings disbanded, 3 of the members created a new group called Perl.

  • 14. Anonymous wrote:

    Thanks for your answer-“Clarify wrote”.I always thought “Bulletproof Stockings” was a ridiculous name.


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