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Video: Why the Double Standard?

The other day a man in Germany tried to murder people with an axe. It was almost exactly like many recent attacks in Israel. So why was it reported so differently?


  • 1. DeClasse' Intellectual wrote:

    You see the same thing with the media’s anti-Trump and Republican party coverage

    It is the media that needs to clean up its act

  • 2. Does what's right! wrote:

    Finally, the voice of truth!
    Thank u Pomerantz- You are a blessing to mankind!

  • 3. arli wrote:

    this should be posted and circulated.
    If you use social media, this is the purpose of having social media, is to reach the world with truthful information.

  • 4. 48 yr in the hood wrote:

    its time that jews make a big
    demonstraiton in front the media offices
    new york times


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