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Video: It’s the Rebbe’s Camp

Eric, the beloved caretaker of Camp Gan Israel in the Catskills for several decades, has an important message to impart to the staff and campers.


  • 1. ch'er wrote:

    camper from the 70’s some 35+ odd years

    good ol’ Eric a special man,

    thats what a farbrengen is all about,

    and hes 100% RIGHT

    Bless you eric long and healthy years… THE REBBE IS PROUD OF YOU MAN>

    (anyone know if he ever met the Rebbe,, Dollars etc, please fill in, maybe a video or photos)

  • 3. Chaim H. wrote:

    He’s a 100% right.
    What he’s saying applies not only for the Rebbe’s camp but also to G-ds earth.

    Teach your kids (by way of example) to throw things in the trash (even if you have to schlep it a few blocks).

    Don’t throw things out of your car in to the street!

    Teach them when you go out to eat (for example: Pizza) to clean the table (even if there is someone who does it).

  • 5. Larry wrote:

    The guy who is taking a video sounds like he’s laughing like it’s funny the guy is 100% right

  • 8. Fond Memories wrote:

    Eric, still going strong. Love you man! With the cigar in his hand too…

  • 11. What's wrong with US? wrote:

    This must be an American thing. If you go out to see a movie in the US, adults and kids just throw their snacks and trash on the floor and leave it for the cleaning crew to deal with. Not so in England! It’s considered bad manners. If you live in the Netherlands, people police after each other and keep their streets and parks clean. Not so in America. What’s wrong with Americans? Why do we feel entitled to litter and pollute our environment?

  • 12. Zrico wrote:

    I was at that taking of the video he has a lot to say. He is a legend.


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