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Video: Why I Produced the Rebbe’s Nigunim

Mendel Duchman sat down in front of 770 with producer Chaim Hershkowitz to discuss his new video on the Rebbe’s nigunim.

Mendel Duchman interviews Producer Chaim Hershkowitz from Tashbar Media on Vimeo.


  • 1. Ch'er wrote:

    Interesting. The Rebbe stopped this minhag in 1964 after his mother passed in Tishreh of that year. Just a few days before the next Niggun was to be taught. Interesting though. As the Rebbe proclaimed. “Most” of them were ones that he heard from his father R’ Levik. Perhaps why he stopped after Vov Tishreh. Just my humble thoughts. Obviously we don’t know the real reason.

  • 2. Very Nice!!! wrote:

    beautiful project! (just a small note, in the song אסדר לסעודתא the word , “ואזמין”, has a “patach” under it, not a shva, i.e. not vawazmin rather v’azamin .

  • 4. Mendy wrote:

    I just got it. It’s amazing!!! My kids love it. Its so educational and real. Thank you!


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