Video: Man Goes on Rampage in Williamsburg Shul

On Thursday morning, a non-Jewish man burst into the Apta Shul on Wallabout Street and Lee Avenue in Williamsburg and went on a rampage – flipping tables and benches and throwing chairs and books. The disturbing incident was caught on surveillance video.

The events leading up to the attack, if there were any, are unknown to us at this time.

The man was arrested by police a few minutes later.


  • STOP

    why did they not try to tackle him while calling 911? their reaction is a true ghetto mentality!

  • wimpy Jews

    If he had come into our shul, we would have taken him down in the span of 30 seconds. Jews!! Defend yourself!!

    • Json

      He ate Russian Herring.
      That’s strong stuff, because they put in highly concentrated Nitric Acid.
      As per instructions on the jar, before eating he was first supposed to neutralize the Acid with two bottles of Drano. But he only used one, so the PH was still way to high.
      Sorry I should have explained in more detail what I think happened…
      Never mind…

  • Andrea Schonberger

    Obviously cray cray. Better to call 911 and let the authorities handle it. G-d forbid he has a weapon; I saw children in the video and you don’t want children to get hurt. No real damage was done–he just threw books around and turned over tables/chairs

  • Strong...

    Even Draino won’t neutralize…
    Next time try add a second bottle to the jar…

  • Uncle Mendel

    You must stop such a man immediately. Who knows what he will do next, and to whom?

  • to # 4

    it says this was on thursday morning, the siyum was on friday morning, so……

  • picaboo shimon

    I wish there was audio . I would love to hear what the man was saying.

  • Financial advantage

    In today’s day and age, touch the madman
    the wrong way – UH OH! Lose millions of dollars
    in a lawsuit, plus legal costs. Much cheaper to just get out of the way, and let him damage tables, chairs, desecrate Holy sefarim, and leave it at that.

  • Call 911 After you take him Down

    The initial Takedown might be a touch complicated , but you can use a tackle technic

  • Bewildered

    …and again, the Jews run in fear. But this time, one person? Not one of twelve people attempted to grab him and throw him out onto the street? What are we?