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Video: Kugel Shortage

Somewhere, recently, there was a shortage of Potato Kugel for Shabbos. Gam Zu Letovah.

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  • 1. iamgenious wrote:

    looks more like sponge cake. poor worker must of felt horrible!!!

  • 2. Definitely Kugel Batter wrote:

    The men are just standing there. Get a pail and shovel and clean the stuff up.

  • 5. it's not his fault. wrote:

    If you look closely, at 0:43 it looks like the front right wheel broke and caused the whole thing to fall down.

  • 6. DeClasse' Intellectual wrote:

    Would have been better with sound but stupid see as stupid does

  • 7. Shmuly wrote:

    this was cheese kugel. To answer your question the yiddishe workers did in fact clean up the mess as seen in the extended vedio

  • 8. cute wrote:

    at 1:22 the guy looking like the manager/boss on the left seems to be positive about this- he’s clapping.

    • 9. maven wrote:

      Probably the mashgiach. Standing and watching. Clapping. Excitement for the day. Typical.

  • 10. impressed wrote:

    the owner is really being gracious. that takes a lot of sensitivity.

  • 11. Anonymous wrote:

    It didn’t seem to be his fult it looks like the wheel was broken. But its good that the world should see how one should respond with such calm and collection of ones emotions.

  • 13. DeClasse' Intellectual wrote:

    Having worked in the food industry for years, I can tell you that this item of equipment is top heavy when loaded and that the standard operating procedure is for two people to move the cart.


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