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Video: A Hasid Grows In Brooklyn

VICE reporter Krishna Andavolu explores Brooklyn’s history by visiting the neighborhoods surrounding the borough’s longest street: Bedford Avenue. Along the way, he stops in Crown Heights, where he meets with Rabbi Manis Friedman to discuss the neighborhood’s history and ever-changing character.


  • 4. Lakewood wrote:

    Its time 4 young Lubavitch couples who r not looking 2 go on shlichus & can’t afford CH 2 come 2 Lakewood !! it is so much cheaper 2 live here & we could build a beautiful Lubavitch community here. There r some lubavitchers here. But we must get started, CH is not affordable anymore & young couples r looking 2 move out but have nowhere 2 go. Come 2 Lakewood. We could get a beautiful lubavitch Yishuv here.

  • 7. to # 4 wrote:

    if people take your advice and do just that what you are saying then lakewood will become like another crown heights problem!!

  • 8. question for Rabbi Friedman wrote:

    Just wondering from your comments if you think the changes in the community are good for the Jewish community and if so why?


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