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Video: Horsing Around at a Chassunah

Wedding ‘Shtick’ – horseplay with the holy intention of bringing joy to a bride and groom – was brought to a whole new level at a recent wedding in Monsey when an actual horse joined the lively dancers on the ballroom dance-floor.

Who brings a horse to a wedding hall?! :))

Posted by Meir Pliskin on Sunday, November 22, 2015


  • 2. cholent mit kugel wrote:

    They trimmed the tail for the kallahs Shabbos Sheitel! Sorry sale for you!!

  • 3. MaidofCH wrote:

    Were they aware of the song playing in the background “Grapes of Wrath?” That’s a Xtian hymn. As a ba’alas teshuvah, I am familiar with it. Unfortunately “FFBs” should be careful what they import into the Jewish community.

    • 4. Milhouse wrote:

      Give it a rest. It’s Hinei Ma Tov Uma Naim. Also Solidarity Forever. And John Brown’s Body, and the Battle Hymn of the Republic, and about 100 other songs. But among Jews mostly Hinei Ma Tov.

  • 5. I was there! wrote:

    Not only a horse but 2 goats dressed up as a chossen and a kalla! And colored water falls dancing according to the music! The Chuppa was especially touching! Eli Marcus & Fitz Bensimon were superb & to top off the weding The TWIN from France (NY?) came to b Mesamayach! Mazel tov! Mazel Tov! May there only be freiliche Simchas by all!

  • 7. So cruel wrote:

    Disgusting! Such צער בעלי חיים!! These are frum people?! Have they no shame??
    Where were the רבנים here?? Why was no מחאה made??
    Also, with the music and all that noise and stimulation, they’re lucky that the horse didn’t freak and injure someone!
    Just another typical example of frum excessive-consumerism gone amok!
    A shame that the horse didn’t teach them a lesson and get an opportunity to leave his own special ‘gift’ for the חתונה attendees. No doubt that that would have left a lasting and memorable impression!

    • 8. Agreed! wrote:

      Completely agree! For some reason “Tzar ballei chaim” isn’t a very important Aveira to avoid in the frum community… It’s in the same torah that commands you to keep shabbos, Kosher…

    • 9. miriam wrote:

      as a horse owner myself, and a riding instructor, I i was surprised to seem the horse seemed very well taken care of, well trained and not stressed out. he was showing no fear response. a trained horse can become accustomed to anything.
      police horses are used for crowd and riot control. a wedding would not be more stressful than that.
      there did not seem to any tzaar baaleu chayim in this particular case

  • 10. A Real Chiddush wrote:

    This video is an open invitation for PETA to protest at future chasunas. Jumping on an animal like it’s a piece of wood while playing a Xtian song in the background at a chasuna? Oy vey…

  • 13. to #7 wrote:

    Please dont comment if you dont know! Avrom Rosenberg took care of theses animals better than a zoo! They are like his babies! He loves them & gives them the best care!

  • 14. to #7 wrote:

    if you have a problom,with”tzaar baalay chaim” then go see a docter,because what happened at that wedding is pure happiness,and NO cruelty!!

  • 16. It all depends wrote:

    It’s a matter of choice who you want to share your most holy and precious day with- Torah or lehavdil a horse.

  • 17. Anonymous wrote:

    The background music is the theme song from the old TV Western “Gunsmoke”. Rather appropriate if you’re going to bring in horses….

    • 18. not born yesterday wrote:

      Sorry, no …it’s the theme song to “Bonanza”, a popular western which featured two Jewish actors; Lorne Greene and Michael Landon…just sayin’.

  • 20. Yossi wrote:

    This is not a new thing. The shulchan aruch describes horses as part of a wedding celebration.

  • 21. Israel wrote:

    At the Sanz-Klausenberg weddings in Natanya, Israel, the Rebbe and Chossen enter on horse and wagon like in the olden days.


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