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Video: Jewish Businessman Buys Meals for U.S. soldiers in Irish Airport

On his way to Israel with his family recently, Jewish businessman Shlomo Rechniz had a temporary stopover in Shannon, Ireland. When entering the airport, he saw approximately 400 American soldiers. Most were eating army meals from a paper bag, while the regular passengers were eating at the various trendy restaurants in the area.

Shlomo approached the commander and told him that he wanted to treat all the servicemen to a good meal.

At first, the commander said it was unnecessary, but Shlomo insisted. The commander then announced to all the soldiers that they could eat at any restaurant for up to $50.

After the servicemen ate, the commander asked Shlomo if he would share with all of them why he made this kind gesture. His response was filmed in the video below.


  • 4. 20,000 dollars wow wrote:

    Pls can u feed me also a 50 dollar meal… I’m a soldier too… In Hashems army!

  • 7. Mrs. S. wrote:

    There’s more to this story according to Rabbi Yechiel Spero of Inspiration Daily from yeshiva Ateres Shimon. “After he (Mr. Rechnitz) finished to a round of applause and standing ovation, a fellow walked over to him. He said, “Sir, I want you to know something. I’m from Kentucky. We are all from Kentucky, Alabama, Tennessee.. and there are not many Jews around there. I happen to put on tefillin every day. To be honest with you my fellow soldiers make fun of me, not because they are antisemetic, just they think I’m a weirdo; I have horns. I have been the but of all their jokes. And now because of you, tomorrow I am going to be the hero because they saw what Orthodox Jews are all about”

  • 9. Crown Heights - Chabad? wrote:

    What does this story of a veltishe Jew have to do with Crown Heights or Lubavitch. I’d expect this news on vos iz neyas, or yeshiva world news.

    • 10. How do you define "veltishe"? He's not frei! wrote:

      Shlomo Rechnitz is a frum Yid! Look him up!

      He may not be a Lubavitcher (my fellow Lubavitcher, there ARE other frum Yidden besides “Crown Heights – Chabad,” you know), but he’s definitely living a Torah life, and has had a full Torah education, complete with attending mesivta in the US and the Mir in Eretz Yisrael. He is shomer mitzvos, a yiras shamayim, and the father of quite a few children with his also-frum wife, the daughter of a rosh yeshiva.

      So why do you have a problem with this story being shared on

    • 12. mitzvah man2 wrote:

      Kiddush Hashem has more to do with chabad than anything else. I’ve rarely seen a story more worthy to be on a chabad site than this one

    • 14. amazing wrote:

      any story that is a kiddush hashem is a good story to read. especially knowing that his actions have improved the situation for the one jewish soldier who puts on tefillin.

  • 16. reply to 7 wrote:

    what does the story of a kiddish hashem have to do with klal yisroel?? you cant be serious so a kiddish hashem is only important if its a lubavitcher? how pathetic and closed minded how sad!!!

  • 17. to 7 wrote:

    Because most of us believe that every Jew is our brother . How much more so, a fellow frum Jew. And he made a kiddush Hashem which should make us all proud.

  • 18. to number 7 wrote:

    You mus be joking, I hope.
    This IS Lubavitch news when another frum yid made a beautiful kidush Hashem!

  • 20. I think he meant #9? wrote:

    looking at it dan l’kav zechus!!!! maybe he meant why is this only on a chabad website!!! if he is a veltishe guy it should have been on all the other yeshivish websites as well!

  • 21. Unemployed Noachide wrote:

    I was in the US Air Force for 10 1/2 years. I just wanted to say that this might be the only time these troops ever experience firsthand a Jew doing a good deed for them. During all my time in the Armed Service I never ran into a Jew, though I did see a few Hasidic Jews at the airport in England and later in Golders Green. This gesture was a wonderful Kiddush Ha-Shem. Eating what we called a “bag nasty” instead of food from the Chow Hall is never a highpoint in any service member’s day. I just hope their commander had the presence of mind to take down Reb Rechniz’s contact info, because from my experience when someone does something like this for the troops … they usually find a way of returning the favor. What’s the best thing a Jew can do for the troops, besides pray? Shake their hand and tell them their service is appreciated. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to give them a book that explains what the Evil Impulse is and how to tame it and turn it into a servant of Ha-Shem. Honestly, if I’d learned about the Evil Impulse and the Good Impulse sooner than I did … my life would have been so much better. I’m just saying….


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