Thousands Partake in Global Hakhel Event

Thousands of people around the world gathered for a Hakhal event, which was linked together with a live broadcast which featured speakers from Argentina through South Africa all the way back to the United States.

International participants included: Buenos Aires, Argentina, Johannesburg, South Africa, Kfar Chabad, Israel, Moscow, Russia, Paris, France, S. Paulo, Brazil and London, England.

Also participating were children in the Rebbes Ohel and Room in 770 as well as a massive gathering in Beis Rivka on Lefferts. Other participants included Chicago, IL, Houston, TX, Morristown, NJ, S. Paul, MN, Toronto, Canada, Pittsburgh, PA, Detroit, MI and Los Angeles, CA

All of those participating coordinated the time of the gathering so that everyone will be present at the same time – making this a Hakhel gathering of historic proportions.

The broadcast was facilitated by a team from

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  • 1. thank you so much wrote:

    thank you so much to organizers!!!!!
    please make future broadcasts a bit more kid friendly it was very hard for the kids to sit through and a lot of people left
    moshiach now


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