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Video: Taxonomy of the Jewish Casket

Jewish tradition says everyone is equal at the end. Reporting for The Forward, Martyna Starosta takes a fascinating look inside a Boston casket factory that makes simple pine boxes and more elaborate coffins for the Jewish deceased.


  • 1. jp wrote:

    the one industry that will need a new business plan soon – Moshiach Now

  • 3. really wrote:

    this is not the Jewish thing. your really not supposed to be buried in a coffin to begin with. the only reason we do so in America is because its against the not to do so. so for any company to make fancier coffins is totally and completely for profits. I dont even have to read the article to know this.

  • 4. caskets wrote:

    Their are people out there (in America) who pay thousands & thousands of dollars, just for the casket (For some one gd forbid to be bereed) …….


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