Israeli Woman Claims to Be Possessed by ‘Dibbuk’

An Israeli woman recently entered a synagogue in the city of Elad claiming she is possessed by a ‘Dibbuk.’ A ‘Kabbalist’ who took up the task of extracting the ‘Dibbuk’ claims that he has communicated with the spirit, which purportedly identified itself as the soul of a man who committed a murder 70 years ago.

Yeshiva World News reports:

Correspondent Yehuda Schlesinger reports in Yisrael Hayom that a woman in Elad claims she is possessed by the Dibuk. The Yabia Omer Beis Medrash in Elad over recent days has attracted many residents who wish to get a glimpse at the woman inside, claiming she is possessed.

According to the report, the beis medrash has difficulty getting a minyan on a regular day but in recent days there have been dozens appearing for shachris amid reports the woman is inside the shul, where they are trying to get the Dibuk to leave her.

The story began six weeks ago when a Holon resident turned to a number of notable rabbonim explaining she is possessed. According to one of the mekubalim involved, the dibuk entered via her mouth. The woman and her husband were sent to the rav by an avreich whom they know.

On Tuesday 22 Sivan and the previous Tuesday the woman and her husband arrived at the beis medrash for a special tefilla that included blowing shofaros and reading the names of Malachim. This special minyan was led by a rav, with Schlesinger explaining those present explained “It is difficult to see a woman sitting in the middle and a man’s voice emanating from her”.

He adds the rav spoke with the dibuk and he now knows who the dibuk is, citing a person who murdered someone seventy years ago and he is now seeking mechila. One person quoted who believes this is legitimate adds “She knows the identity of the niftar and now speaks in his voice. One cannot make light of this. We tried getting the dibuk out for some time, threatening to send him to Gehenom”.

It is further explained an effort was made to remove the dibuk via a toe, which then swelled and then it was seen rising to the throat as the body swelled like a balloon compelling the body to move. The rabbonim have turned to unnamed mekubalim seeking assistance in the matter.


הוצאת דיבוק מאשה

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  • CHT

    Somebody on drugs: “It is further explained an effort was made to remove the dibuk via a toe, which then swelled and then it was seen rising to the throat as the body swelled like a balloon compelling the body to move”

  • RBY

    Didnt the holy BESHT banish them from Eretz Yisroel? Oh and btw, I won’t be able to fall asleep tonight now.

    • its a little scary but true

      Dibbuk is a spirit of a person speaking to the soul of another person. meaning like this case the spirit of the person who murdered is speaking to the soul of the one who was murdered which is i’m sure the women. for since every soul has to come down till they fulfill all 613 mitzvos, so in this lifetime the person who was murdered came in this lifetime as a women. the spirit of the one who did the murder is asking forgiveness to the one who was murdered. the women is speaking in the voice of the one who was murdered.

    • I'll try to answer...

      I think, from what I’ve heard, a dibbuk is a spirit of a sol that is unrest. They enter a person and try to eather get into heaven, finf forgiveness, or just find answers. There is a story about one of the lubavitcher Rebbes saying that a man came in a he was possesed. Then the rebbe started talking about the reason why the people who killed Zecharia killed him. Because once something is done a nevua is set in stone, so they thought that by killing the navi they would cancel the nevua. Once the rebbe finished explaining, the dibbuk left, and he explained that the dibbuk was one of those souls who needed rest. Hope that clarified a bit!

  • to clarify

    Dibbuks are real and true. this is not a made up story. most ashkenaz will not beleive in these things like dibbuks, gilgul, shadim, dreams etc.. but sfard pple do. in one way its scary in another way you can see Hashem: He was, He is and He will be!

    • to clarify

      you saying its true dosent mean its true that’s what you believe is true but others may not think that

    • Uncle Moishy

      Don’t know about you, but I see Hashem every day and in everything, without the help of someone who is ill. You just need to look for him.

    • i am - to clarify

      Responding to clarify at 5:12- when speaking to ashkenaz its more they dont want to believe because either its to hard on them to accept it or they are to much into this lifetime to think of these things. to uncle moshy- VERY VERY GOOD AND KEEP IT UP! But when these kinds of situation happens beyond human maybe understanding or accepting, u might see Hashem even more, for after all nothing happens in this world without Hashem being behind everything!

  • There's something strange...

    …in the neighborhood…who ya gonna call?

    Remember that oldie but goodie?

  • Yehuda

    Demonic possession is a phrase used by religionists to explain the “unacceptable” actions, ideas, or statements of others. Often, especially in pre-scientific societies, those who were possessed included the mentally or physically ill, and those under the influence of a narcotic. It was also a convenient way to deal with people who did/do not buy into the authority’s b.s.

    This belief is found in many religious systems from Christianity to Vodun. Those who believe in demonic possession often believe that demons, ghosts or spirits exist and can possess human bodies. (See Spirit possession for a broader view of the topic) Different religious systems have different dogmas but in Christianity some or all of these spirits are considered evil. Christians who believe in possession will often claim that a person opens themselves up to possession by committing particular “sins”, especially participation in spiritism, black magic, or attempted communication with spirits through Ouija boards or seances or the like.

    The belief in possession often serves as a dangerous substitute for seeking genuine medical explanations and real treatment for many conditions, particularly mental illness (but also addiction to drugs or gambling)

  • Yehuda

    Exorcism is the practice of purging demons, ghosts, dark influences, malevolent spirits, lost souls, and/or Satan out of a possessed person’s body and/or soul, a haunted house, a cursed object, etc.

    Exorcism usually involves invoking God, angels, saints, doing funny dances, pouring holy water or dangerous substances on the patient, praying, sacrifices, amulets, and fasting either by the clergy or by the patient, among other things. It is generally performed by a member of the clergy or other holy dudes. It may include enhanced interrogation; see examples of deaths below.

    The existence (albeit rare) of demonic possession and exorcisms is officially recognized by the Catholic Church, though it is not exclusive to Christianity. It is also present in Islam and Hinduism, among other religions.

    Notwithstanding the beliefs of the Catholic and Protestant churches there is no reliable and testable evidence of demonic possession occurring.

    In 2008 the Texas supreme court ruled that a 17 year old girl who was imprisoned and abused while hallucinating could not sue the church over damages done during the exorcism

  • No such thing

    There is no such thing as a dibbuk. Just to clarify it doesn’t exist anymore, the besht banished it from eretz yisroel…

  • Scary

    How did it enter through her mouth? Was she speaking excessive loshen hara? This is what I thought from the start happened to Robin Williams. He made comedy of the Muslims, and they know curses. Medieval craziness, but perhaps real. May she have a refua shelama!

  • Shnitzel

    I know this Kabbalist. His name’s Arthur and he takes out my trash. Possession is rubbish. Period.

  • To clarify number 20

    The besht bannished שד ‘s not dibbuks.

    Dibbuks do exist, however they aren’t common but there are some exceptions….
    Chas v’shalom no one should go through this!
    Moshiach now!

  • Anonymous

    Fake. Nothing to see here, just a crazy person yelling, move along.

    Wheres the video of the male voice emanating from the womans body? Show me that and I may believe it.

  • Mavin

    Yehuda, (#17 & #18)

    Your copying & pasting skills are very impressive and must have taken many long years of hard work to develop.

  • YMSP

    Folks, we now have our presidential nominee. Either that, or the next Chief Rabbi-Maharit of Efrat.

    • replying..

      Shadim are not pple. shadim as i read a story from the Besht were created (in this story) from a man being a chazon with the kavanah to impress the women in shul and the Besht banished them from the shul for it was haunted. dibbuks are a spirit from a person who was alive and passed away and is coming to another soul who is alive here. whoever says that the Besht banished them from eretz yisrael is not true because the Besht never reached eretz yisrael because Hashem stopped him.

  • they are all sick

    The so-called Kabbalist and everyone in the Shul participating in this are themselves very sick. Refuah Shleima to them all.

  • a dybbuk is

    A dybbuk is a soul that possesses (takes over)a different body ( from the word davuk) in order to facilitate some kind of rectification for that soul. It is rare, but documented as fact. The chafetz chaim did a dibbuk excorsism in the 30s which was extensively reported on.

  • Crown Heights Resident

    Was this lady first examined by a Medical Dr or a Psychiatrist

  • .chaim

    about 10 years ago there was a story with a dibbuk in israel, the lady put out a tape of the dibbuk and months later she came out with a statmant the it wasnt true she just did it to make some money