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Video: Aggressive Panhandler Steals Bicycle

Following our news report on a belligerent and aggressive Crown Heights beggar who assaulted a man on Kingston Ave. earlier this week, the administration of 1414 President St., the dormitory of the Central United Lubavitcher Yeshiva, sent us a video of the same man stealing a bicycle from the front of the building.

The incident, which occurred about two weeks ago, was captured by the building’s surveillance camera.

It is unclear if a police report on the crime was filed at the time.


    • 3. Reply to #2 wrote:

      Bicycle Locks make it harder for a thief to steal your bike.
      When a thief sees a bike with a lock he will move on to the next bike without a lock

  • 4. you get what you deserve wrote:

    you let the crackhead off time & again & he comes back to bite or haunt you time & again stupidity etc. knows no bounds!

  • 5. צבי wrote:

    בלי קשר לגניבה. האם יש הסבר מה עושים שם כל כך הרבה זוגות אופנים איזה מרחק יש ל 770 מ 14 14
    אבל האמת שהם משמשים לבחורים לצאת לעבודה בפרט בלילות .ואין זה פלא איך הבחורים האלה מלובושים
    מכנסים של ערסים מעשנים .העיקר שיש קסדה עם דיגלן
    וזה הישיבה בחור.

  • 6. anonymous wrote:

    i saw him holding a black winter/rain jacket today on kingston and park place. someone that has a store around there should check the cameras. he was selling it for 5 bucks. around 8;45 this morning

  • 7. I'm sorry but.... wrote:

    There is such a thing as killing someone with “kindness”. Sometimes the kinder thing is a balance of chesed WITH GEVURAH, which leads to TIFERES — appropriate to this week, nu!

    I’m beggin’ you: The next person victimized by this perp. needs to PRESS CHARGES!!!!


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