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Music Video: Habeit – Reimagined

New Sound Productions is proud to present a brand new concept: Featuring Mendy J, this new video is titled ‘Habeit – Reimagined.’

Based on the legendary Abie Rotenberg’s composition, Mendy J delivers an incredible performance. His vocals truly capture the essence of what this song is – a heartfelt cry to Hashem. Take that, and add on Chananya Begun‘s well known cutting edge approach to musical arrangement, but an arrangement that brings out that emotion even more.

What happens is something that is truly astounding, combining various aspects of Jewish Music as you have never heard it before. This music video was shot in a way that brings out that raw emotion and creativity to the viewer. This is a song of hope, so let us be hopeful for Am Yisroel, even in the toughest of times: Uvechol Zos, shimcha lo shachachnu.



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