Video: Police Brutalize Defenseless Man at Aliya

CROWN HEIGHTS [CHI] — On Monday evening, October 8, 2012, police were called about a man who was sleeping in the lounge of the Aliya Institute on East New York Ave. The caller may have mistakenly believed that the homeless man, Ehud H. Halevi, was loitering on the center’s property without permission.

Aliya (Alternative Learning Institute for Young Adults) is a synagogue and outreach center for troubled youth in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Two officers from the 71st precinct, one male and one female, arrived and woke the man. Confused as to why he was being accosted by police, the man refused the officers’ attempts to escort him outside, insisting that he had permission to be there and asking that they allow him to prove it.

His pleas fell on deaf ears, and they proceeded to place him under arrest.

When he resisted arrest, the male officer flew into a rage and began to beat the defenseless man. As can be seen in the video below, the officer assumed a boxing stance and then lurched towards his victim, pummeling him from all sides.

Over the next couple of minutes the man is also pepper-sprayed and beaten with a truncheon by the female officer, all while posing no threat to the officers’ well-being whatsoever.

After a good two minutes of sadistic thrashing, the officers are joined by a squadron of their peers, and successfully put him in handcuffs and under arrest.

A source confirmed with that the man had full permission to be there, and had been living there for a month without any trouble. It is unknown who called the police or why.

Adding insult to injury, the man is being charged with assault on a police officer(!) – a felony – which can bring a sentence of 5 years in prison upon conviction.

He is also facing four Misdemeanor charges and four violations, including trespassing, resisting arrest and harassment.

He has been released on bail.

Aliya declined to comment on the matter in any official capacity.

Please beware: The following video contains graphic content and is not suitable for children. View at your own discretion.

The above video was obtained with the assistance of TOT Private Consulting Services.


  • questions...

    who is the police office? what is his name? He must be held accountable for his actions.

  • Sruly C

    The male officer is so weak, that I think he should be better trained.

    The female officer is short, and physically not the right fit to be a officer, this crap about everyone having the right to get any job is STUPID!!!!

    For her own safety, she should be in another field.

    Being that these officers don’t have the strength to make a arrest, they end up blowing objects to the arrested persons head, now leaving them sometimes with permanent injuries, when in this case the arrest was a mistake, and I’m sure it’s going to end in a lawsuit costing the taxpayers millions.

  • Dovid Johnson

    if nothing happens to those 2 cops what is the world coming to. I guarantee they have no idea or at least had no idea of the camera. Maybe cameras should be installed everywhere, you never know what cops can get up to behind closed doors and its always their words against the victim.

  • shocked!

    I am shocked and horrified at what I saw here. There should be a great outporing of complaints at this disgusting work by our peace keepers. We should demand a complete investigation and charges filed on these two nazi cops. Shame on them!!!!!!

  • thre dude that hates corrupt police

    that is sever police BRUTALITY, law suit should be taken!!!!!!

  • somethings not right!

    who let the cops in the door? Who’s that guy who walks in behind the cops and than disappears? I’ve never seen such brutality! Your telling me the 2 cops could not get this guy in hand cuffs, they had to beat him half to death!! Insane. That guy better sue the police department!!!

  • police:go after real crime!

    There is nothing to say. It is just to sad. [and i didn’t even watch the video. I couldn’t.

  • march on eastern parkway tomorrow at 11



    crown heights has to act we dont live in berlin anymore!!!!!!!!

  • pass it around

    send this video to the post or other local news station, they’ll have a field day with it.

  • act now

    the blacks marched for rodny king we most march for this bocher.

    march tommoro at 11

  • Why are you shocked?

    The cops are heavy handed but the guy is resisting arrest. They could have used a taser and should have.

    • Anonymous

      this is why people don’t trust cops anymore! I know it’s a hard job, wouldn’t want to do it.

      day in day out this is all you see anymore police over reacting and causing way more issues with their
      at what point do they listen to what people have to say? he was not a threat to them UNTIL they tried to
      wrongfully AREST HIM

  • ponderous

    omg!!!! whats wrong with that offiicer??? i cant believe the city gave him a firearm???? how did he not get psyc’d out of the department

  • Please take down

    Why is this video being publicized? What makes you thing that the teen wants his pic all over the websites???

  • Mendy Hecht

    Not even a question. Bounce that “officer” off the force.

    Even if that was a serious assault of a police officer, which it wasn’t (it was a drunk man doing what drunk men tend to do), there’s no justification for punching an unarmed civilian in the face, never mind repeatedly.

    So much for this cop’s career.

    Hopefully, they’ll be using footage at the Police Academy from this one for years to come on what NOT to do when a drunk person pushes you.

    (And common-sense suggestion to cops reading this: Next time, try pepper spray or a Taser.)

    • Anonymous

      he wasnt drunk it was proven that he had permission to be there and had been living there over a month without any problems the officer just wanted to bully someone and had no control they both should be fired


    “Aliyah declined to comment on the matter in any official capacity.”

    Of-Course they declined. Aliyah has been doing “business” with the corrupt cabal at the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, Inc.

    We all know how the CHJCC always runs to defend fellow Jews in these case ;)

    The young man should get layered up and sue. The sooner he does this the better.

  • NG, LA

    This is a story of a Jewish Rodney King! No Justice, no peace! These cops should be taken to task, tried and put to jail! Funny how you find 20 cops running gin to beat a poor defenseless Jew – where are the cops when you need them in NY?? NO JUSTICE NO PEACE!

  • shmuel

    the “homeless man, Ehud Halevi” is a bocher that learned with me in ULY on ocean parkway

  • Charlie

    from what I can see, he caused the problem. When the police want to arrest you, you allow them to. He did not. Even if they are wrong and it is a misunderstanding, you do not resist their efforts to handcuff you. A society and the people who think we do are animals, and need to be treated like animals. If they try to handcuff and arrest you, you go willingly and then straighten it out in court when you are arraigned. This video does not bode in the favor of the civilian. He was out of line. His hands and arms were flying all over the place. Civilized people do not get beat up by police officers. People who do not know how to behave in these situations get what this man got. I’m sorry to be honest.

  • John

    This man is not drunk he is mentally unstable I don’t think you should post such a video…

  • i was there zalmy

    the male officers name is “vega” not related to inspecter “vega” and the female she is a russian women.

  • Jewish Criminals

    this happend on monday shmini atzeres.
    the people who are trying to cover it up and work with the croock
    Dov Heikind to get paid for not publishing this.
    How Much Money is invoved ?
    and who are the cover ups the capos etc.
    the blame is on all jews in crown heights.
    a jew was hurting on shmini atzeres and sent to jail
    why was this not published for a full week ???

  • excuse me

    when a police officer has been called in such an instance with a complaint and they ask the person the step out side (my horror what a terrible request), one should, its called being proper, this guy has no shirt on, looks a shtickle out of it, and yes, homeless.

    is this the same guy that is always walking around in a daze?

    i wonder who called the cops? maybe someone at aliya, this is what it looks like.

  • GadolHador

    Brutalize? has an odd sense of brutalize. Ehud was fighting and resisting arrest. He was subdued and arrested but he was most certainly not “brutalized”.

  • Joe G

    Who becomes a Police Officer ? answer ,Unsophisticated ,uneducated,usually dysfunctional individuals with severe low self esteem ,many commit suicide as well.The actions by this low life in uniform to show his macho strength in front of his midget overweight doughnut eating partner in order to show how inadequate he actually is ,should be considered a crime as well as he should receive a jail sentence as well as should be classified as assault which is a felony.Obviously this terrified individual was trying to tell this overweight balding insecure clown that he has permission to stay there ,which he could have easily verified without his obvious violent behavior.There was no need for this type of behavior .The internal affairs NYPD should be contacted .No cover up here its all recorded.

  • simple

    next time dont be a you know what to cops, when obviously it is apparent from the video that the police tried to level with him, but he kept with the arms flailing…you see the rest, dont resist arrest, its stupid.

  • to#37

    i bet you were the same one sticking up for that guy with the unregulated beard who is suing the nypd, hence us and our tax dollars! get it straight…

  • he-s blocking the BRUTAL blows!!!!!

    he is not attacking them!!

    he’s trying to shield his HEAD from the RAGING BEAST as if this cop has some MASSIVE UNRESOLVED ANGER ISSUES WITH JEWS!!!

  • shlomo as always with bad English

    shame to nypd officers. they not train at all. very easy situation, that can be solved w/o any brutality in some second. i think that someone that responsible for training must loose hos job

  • Pidion Shvuim ???

    now the Jew was arrested on monday shmini atzeres
    on friday erev shabbos beraishis he was still in jail.
    what happend to Crown Heights ?
    and the police trumped 9 charges on him ???
    1.he was sleeping
    2.he was there WITH PERMISSION.
    3.the police officers was not let in by any person with Authority of this building.
    as a metter of fact the officers was on private property without any permmision.
    where is the outrage of the coverup ????

  • Joe

    I can confirm that the 3rd man in the video is Zalmy Trappler. Also notice while the man is getting beaten, he is watching from the door(it opens and shuts a few times).

  • emetie

    in this day and age, so many people are not honest and decent, and surveillance cameras are needed everywhere, it is a big help. sorry for the guy’s pain, but at least there is proof of the abuse.

  • moshe der g

    Interesting to note
    That if aliya did not want to give an official statement .. How did u get the video ? It seems that the video belongs to aliya ?

    Also if aliya called the police to get him out .. Then the police had a right to be there . But they beter find more humane ways to deal with people .. Beating him like that is now way to handle a person

    Let’s hear from our leaders in the chjcc ..

    Let’s hear their side and aliya does owe the community a statement .. I know I will not donate to them tm
    ill I hear a state


    #28 you are a moron! they had no probable cause to make an arrest. i know a little more than you about the situation .. and the law. THE POLICE OFFICERS WERE SUSPENDED WITH OUT PAY….. Immeadiatly after the co of the 71 saw the video

  • complaint

    For complaints to the Internal Affairs Bureau: The IAB Command Center office is open for complaint, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A complaint may also be called in by phone to (212) 741-8401, by E-Mail to, or By postal mail to Occupant, P.O. Box 1001, New York 10014; to the Internal Affairs Bureau, located at 315 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10013 or in person at any Police Department facility.

  • sholom

    anyone defending the police officers action is crazy? this is the society you want to live in? where police officers can enter private property and beat you because they think you’re trespassing when in reality they are trespassing? did the person visible in the beginning of the video call police? i hope the officers go to jail and the kid makes millions; this is police brutality in the first degree.

  • JLW

    alot of points here. #37 said alot.
    The title “New York’s Finest” seems to be no more. How cruel to conduct themselves in that way, and how inept as NY police officers.

  • Don-t resist arrest

    I feel terrible for the guy, but once you resist arrest, you essentially give the police a warrant to take any measures to subdue you.

    The police took pretty drastic measures here, but as you can clearly see, the guy was not letting the police cuff him even after the male officer sucker punched him.

  • to 38

    the criminals in this incident are the …. cops
    they have no permission to be there in the first place.

  • re: 9. somethings not right!

    “”who let the cops in the door? Who’s that guy who walks in behind the cops and than disappears?“” PROBABLY THE PERSON WHO CALLED THE POLICE IN THE FIRST PLACE

  • sorry 46

    mr 46
    the cop had no legal right to be in this building
    it is a privat property and none of the owners let the cop in the building.
    sorry mr cop your mistake now pay the price.


    No words can describe how wrong these Officers are, irrelevant to any of the circumstances such as resisting arrest.

    The only way for this to get the proper treatment is for the be brought to the public beyond our community.

    I encourage everyone to email DRUDGE@DRUDGEREPORT.COM

    Hopefully the mass messages with links to the video and article will help bring expose this case in order to be dealt with in the correct manner, even officers must be held accountable for their actions.

  • Re 28. Charlie wrote:

    your not honest you are “ clueless” there are procedures to be followed when dealing with a situation like this, not pummel the guy

  • Mr Broin will have a psak din soon

    evrything you see on this video is not so
    the broin schwei cabal are ready to give edict
    about the story and the attempted coverup
    the cabal of broin schwei will have news conference with the croock dov heikind to explain the coverup

  • so upset

    This is beyond crazy. How many ppl can think logically if woken up from their sleep and even more so perhaps he went to sleep after drinking a bit. This is a big shanda for the police department. Its time we all come together as a community and protest this injustice that has been done. Lets not be silent.

  • Stand Up For The Blacks!

    Now we see why we must stand side by side with other communities when they experience Police brutality. If an injustice is done to one community and the other stays silent, ultimately the silent will also suffer.

  • awacs

    “THE POLICE OFFICERS WERE SUSPENDED WITH OUT PAY….. Immeadiatly after the co of the 71 saw the video

    … source, #49?

  • Oy vey

    The man with the cap (janitor?) obviously called the police and told them Ehud did not belong there. He wouis the complainant. The police did their jobs and gave Ehud ample warning that he had to leave, or he would be forcibly removed. When the female officer tried to take his wrist to escort him out, he began resisting. THAT MUCH IS CLEAR. Few of you can see the forest for the trees. Furthermore, Ehud also had marijuana in his pocket. And he was charged with that too. The article above suspiciously leaves that little tidbit out. Maybe the moral of the story is: If you are already doing something illegal, don’t argue for the sake of arguing. Even if Ehud DID have permission to be there (I’m certain he did not), that room and that time was neither the time nor the place to make that argument.



  • I LOVE ALIYA!!!!

    MR 48 heres the facts… it was simchas torah there was a lot of noise from the shul (like all shuls) the guy in the cap called the police he is not a spokes person for aliaya… aliya LEVI sleep there as he had no wer else to sleep… aliya has others sleeping there too…bc they will be in shelters otherwise…

    so number 48 please dont threaten that you wont donate to them – im sure they are very well off with out ur donation

  • google RON PAUL

    i like you #62 .. that was a very ration well thought out point! i wish more had the same good sence as you.

  • Ariyeh Leib Segall

    Excessive force to the Max!!!!
    It appears that the person is dazed & confused — having been just woken up —Trying to get the cop to understand his side,, When the cop goes crazy – starts pummeling this obviously unarmed man…
    Then the whole squad comes in — How many NYPD cops does it take to cuff a dazed & confused man ???
    No excuse for the total chaos !!!!
    Great video for suing the Dept & the city…!!!

  • Horrified!

    Note the smirk on the police officer’s face as he gets into the boxing position!

  • Q

    Dov Hinkind is trying to orchastrate an COVER UP…

    I heard that dov hinkind is trying to meet with ehud tomarrow to convince hime to not sue the NYPD


    the cop(s) should be charged with attempted MURDER !!!

    the community must protect the venerable. Especially against such vicious murderous blows.

  • Bubbie Jacobs

    The complete CH community must stand up and demand justice for this bochur. How dare we allow our children to be so abused ! ! The Aliyah Center must be held accountable for not responding in a decent way. My heart breaks for this young boy/man/bochur for having to sleep where there was nobody to protect him. I write from another state but feel every blow he received as having been done to me. Everyone in CH has the obligation to protect our own in every way possible. Please take this to the leaders of CH and demand immediate action with an apology to Ehud H. Halevi for the neglect and humiliation and anguish, etc. I will be following this case closely. I will not sleep well tonight.

  • Thank god we have a good prct head!

    our prct head wont defend this shady cop who didnt know a hiddn camera was recording!!


    People are so dumb!

    THE POINT is not if he was asleep or had a right to be there. The point is the handcuffed him and then beat him up mercilessly.

    THAT IS THE POINT. Are these thugs or PUBLIC SERVANTS?

    Everything else is totally irrelevant.


  • Levi

    This is horrible. Watching this hurt, I kept thinking that that could easily have been me. It’s one thing when the police are only after criminals: in that case I would feel secure; but here we see that they are liable to administer as hoc despotism to all and sundry!

  • Avi

    To all who think cops were wrong, there was someone calling them and he was resisting arrest and he controlled what happened he should have just listened and straightened it out later..also he was pepper sprayed no effect..he had pot on him and obviously very strong he was….and the cops are not suspended…they will be fine..maybe he will learn to listen next time…and he wasn’t even hurt!

  • a member of A.L.I.Y.A

    How can this happen?!? Its a absolute disgrace. Sue the hell out of the NYPD!!!

  • Avi

    Where is the Jewish “Al Sharpton”? We rail about how bad he is, but if this kid was black, Al would have a protest already organized, and this kid would be getting lot’s of $$$ from the city!!!
    Where is out outcry!!! Who can this kid turn to cor a voice????


    i believe that a sertin person in the video is a stuge for the nypd and is spreading missinformation to help the oficers incase of a law suit

  • The NYPD needs to be policed

    they are out of control they need to be stopped, NY should not become a policed state, we have rights and people need to get their cameras, cell phones and film them to bring attention to their crimes agents the people of NYC, i pray for Ehud H. Halevi may he find justice and sue the crap out of the NYPD monsters

  • simple jew

    who complained? maybee it would have been possible to talk to this guy instead of calling the cops.whoever complained might have some soul searching to do.

  • concerned

    whats happening america, the of land justice and liberty is starting to look more like a military top down disaster,, first they throw businessmen in jail and throw away the key, and now they are waking and beating people in theyre sleep — sounds more like a 1940 europe to me – simply horrified!!

  • simple yid

    if this is the product of the yeshiva system then maybee job apprentiship a a young age would have given him a lot more self respect.

  • simple jew

    chabad and other from yidden should make a shelter for their homeless.too much money is wasted on things that arent needed.this is a chillil h’ that nobody gives a damn.i know there are churches that give homes to the homeless.where is ahavat yisrael?this boy could have been put back on the right track to some degree.our yeshivas are failing us .our frum neighborhoods are failing us.a bit of money to a family that realy struggles.a bit of help to a child who cant understand in talmud torah.

  • Think

    A few comments; One, Aliya looks great. Two, the police don’t need a warrant, they were invited in. Three, imagine for a second this was a homeless black person sleeping in Aliya, what would all of you be saying then? Four, resisting arrest as he can be seen doing is reason enough for the police to use force. Five, had he spoken to them calmly and walked outside with them in the first place no one would have gotten hurt. The only person that’s in the wrong is the one who made the mistake of inviting the police in, or the person that slept there without ensuring that the cleaner wouldn’t freak out when he saw him.

  • BS

    This is how much they hate us and I hate them. If this is Vega great because I know him and he knows me and what comes around must go around..good riddance you piece of…Nada!

  • Protest

    If this happened to a black man there would be riots happening all over!!
    Stand up for ur selfs a protest is called for!!!

  • Margolioth77

    Does anyone have any footage on the police-raid on Rubashkin`s plant in Postville. Isn`t it the same dynamic just on a smaller scale ? Which raises the point of living in fear of an authoritarian government.
    One could propose that this authoritarianism has a selectivism. I didn`t see the cops engage in this to control the illegal behavior of the crowds at “Occupy Wall Street”.
    I don’t expect they would behave this way in a mosque either.
    Perhaps its part of a new doctrine in their orientation as to who the bad guys are, or with which population they know to be obedient so they can do what they want with impunity.
    Thats why the Rubashkin case was so crucial for the government. Having shown they could crucify an icon, ordinary people become putty in their hands.
    Soon they`ll be injecting heavy metals and live viruses into our children, and we`ll just obediently line-up as shown in the video “for the greater good”.

  • Jay

    This was a great video. The officer was in his right, he told the guy he was under arrest and the guy started swinging his arms. Is the officer suppose to stand there and negotiate no. Cops do what they are trained on that and thats what he did. Great video to show what cops go through everyday. Good job nypd

  • nazarenp

    Nessuno che aspetta il poliziotto fuori di casa ?
    Anybody must wait the policeman out of his house..
    I quote: Who is the police office? what is his name? He must be held accountable for his actions.

  • ch69

    the Nazi’s are back in the year 2012!!!!!!!
    watch the movies for the 1930’s and 1940’s there is no differences, then and now.!!!!

  • This cop had lied in 2 previous reports!

    He just got caught this time bec he didn’t realize he was on Cam!!

  • Cop can-t wait to punch up this sleepin.

    This bad apple cop needs to get his rage-issues dealt with before he takes it out again on a new victim without a camera to expose his true colors

  • Bachur wasn-t smart but the cop was Evil

    Cop totally gonna be made an example to others as to how not to abuse ur power!!
    This cop only lied bec he knew not he was on video!!

  • ulenspegel

    as practical advice to do what police tell you they want is sound. as a legal excuse for use of force by said police, failure to meet unlawful demands is worth nothing. of course you have a right to resist an arrest out of your own bed for sleeping there, and neither the sleeping in your bed nor the resistance to the unlawful arrest make the grass search without warrant and consent lawful nor whatever is found there usable evidence.

  • Video vs Croocked cop!!!

    If there was no video many people would have believed that the bachur actually beat up the cop leaving the cop no choice but to defend him self & his fellow cop who were both in real danger by the sleeping confused bachur who was not awd with a Betton or mace

    The cops not knowing the cam was on
    Lied in the report to misrepresent the facts & abuse
    This cop is a rotten-apple of the most sadistic kind
    He seems to have all this pent up rage!!
    He can’t wait to rip into his next victim
    Not to mention this bachur offered to call the boss by phone to prove that he was living there for nearly 2 months with permission by the boss!!

    They weren’t ready to loose an Opertunity to punch up & bang up a Jewish dude who was in middle of sleeping & had the chutzpah to argue to the cops that whoever called was not the property boss
    Why did the cop rush in to with such EAGER GUSTO?
    & then to try to trump up charges in the police report!

    We’ll see if the higher ups are part of the reason the cops felt impunity or will they show moral courage to root out its own bad apples!!n

  • confused

    I dont understand why Trappler would call the police and I also dont understand why Dov Hikind would want to cover this up. Also, why doesnt the rabbi of aliya make a statement. Could someone please explain to me

  • Chaim Logical

    The guy was resisting arrest. The cops handled the situation admirably; the guy seems to have been unhurt. These cops deserve a commendation.

  • Craig

    He is lucky to be alive – if he threw a punch back they would have shot him on the spot.
    The officer clearly extended his legal authority by commencing his punching. The youth was not a threat to them at all. Procedure calls for appropriate response to threats. What threat was posed? 2 officers cannot force a youth to leave the premises? They could have asked for back up – and waited for them – and then 4 or 5 officers lead the youth out.

  • No help from officials here.

    Of course, we know that Chanina, Hackner, Brownstein etc are doing everything they can for this guy & to get rid of these thugs with badges. Where’s Al Sharpton when you need him?

    Yeah, and the Brooklyn Bridge is still for sale.

  • The truth behind the NYPD lies

    I WAS A VICTIM OF POLICE BRUTALITY IN FRONT OF MY OWN HOUSE TRYIG TO BREAK UP A FIGHT BETWEEN TWO OTHER PEOPLE AND WHE. THE COPS ARRIVED, THE COPS(NYPD) PUSHED KICKED STOMPED AND THEN STILL GOT PUNCHED ME WHILE I WAS IN CUFFS I WAS NOT RESISTING OR PUTTING UP A FIGHT BUT THIS IS WHAT I WAS FACED WITH DEALING WITH THE NYPD. It’s what we are faced with in the lovely great state known as New York City. THAT COP WAS JUST HAPPY TO GET SOMEACTION IN THAT VIDEO. SAD EXCUSE OF A MAN. It had to take another male officer to come in to subdue this man. So what was the point of having the second female officer there. As the video shows she is incapable of doing her job.

    You should not be surprised this type Of police brutality goes on ever single day of the week of the months of the year and these unscrupulous cops that perform these acts hardly get punished, instead they get praised and “good jobs” until it’s caught on camera. It’s understandable that’s sometime you have youse force !ut that was excessive. And to have another cop standing there not doing what is necessary is just plain disgraceful on the NYPD’s. People that can’t be cops should not. There’s Certain things a female cop can’t do. If she had made that arrest !y herself it would have been over for her.

    And who opens the door and looks in and then closes the door fully. Then
    later back up arrives. I was surprised they didn’t start beating him on the ground, like what they usually do. The NEW YORK POLICE DEPARTMENT is the biggest gang out there. They lie they steal and they cover for each other. Until cameras are in play. THEN RAYMOND KELLY AND HIS NYPD GOONIES WONDER WHY PEOPLE DON’T HAVE ALOT OF RESPECT FOR THEM.

  • i know many cops who would never do this

    most of our cops are in it for the right reasons! not for sadistic perverse reasons, this rotten-apple seems to have a mean streak & cant wait to find a HUMAN PUNCHING BAG to let out his unresolved AGGRESSION!!

  • agreed! Cop with UNRESOLVED AGGRESSION

    the 71pct will prosecute this guy, bec not perusing this will make management guilty & even scandalous for seeming to tolerate cops abuse & lying (as proven by the video footage)

  • We have to TAKE A STAND

    I think it’s pretty messed up that the cops can abuse their rights and get away with it.
    He’s getting beaten up as if he is some sort of criminal, when in reality, he did not do anything wrong. He’s a good guy, I know Ehud since Elementary School, Like someone mentioned “wouldn’t hurt a fly”. I really pity Ehud, and we should all. He is a struggler, always has his struggles in life, and now to add insult to injury, he gets beaten up by these heartless pigs rather than protecting our community!! Poor Ehud! What really bothers me is that cops don’t do their job whenever there is a real crime, they like to punish the innocent in terms of parking tickets, bike tickets, jwalking, and This?!?!
    Open your eyes people of CH! We must take a stand! How much longer do the innocent need to be punished for such none sense!! Ehud, defenseless, didn’t know what was flying when he woke up, he wanted to talk with the cop about why he shouldn’t be arrested and speak up, but no, this sick pig ( who I’m not gonna call cop because when I was a kid I learned that cops are people who we should respect because they protect us, I was wrong) was beating the kid up like he’s a peice of garbage! Like as if they’re at a mixed martial arts match or something, that is not the conduct for an officer like that, and he needs to be the one stripped of his rights of being a “guardian of our streets” as they call the cops.

    My heart goes out to u Ehud, I hope you get out of this nonsense situation!

  • Nebach

    Regardless of whether or not he had a right to be in the building; he took on the officers!
    It’s sad and difficult to watch the poor guy get beat up. But he resisted and fought back!


    cop must have been p/oed that he was claiming to know the director & had permission!

    that cop came for blood & drama! & he wasn’t gonna let the FACTS or truth slow down his rush for “FUN”

  • Shemesh

    El oficial estubo exedido en su procedimiento,agresiones invasion a la propiedad y demas violaciones.Pero el indibiduo tambien estubo en falta no acato orden policial(no acredita ser agredido)esto muestra la realidad del pproceder de los policias a diario.
    Los policias no respetan ninguna norma,violan derechos fundamentales y nadie los juzga por tal.


    videos don’t lie!!
    this bully cop is in deep deep major trouble!!! as he deserves!

    as a cop your there to decrease NOT ESCALATE violence!!

  • Yoel

    The 3rd guy should be held accountable. Why was he there?
    He walked out and kept watching as this man was beat up.

  • Mordechai

    Who called the cops in the first place?

    This guy should have complied with the officers in the first place and when he got to the station the details would be ironed out. The cops came because someone called them and they tried to remove him. He resisted and struggled which then lead to getting his butt kicked. Yes the beat down was accesive but if would just listen he would have avoided it all.
    The cops arent the judge and jury and if Im not mistaken the guy in the cap was the one who told the cops to remove him.

    This is a big cluster mess now -_-

  • sleeping bachur vs COP-HUNGRY-FOR-ACTION

    clearly! this is a case of a twisted adrenalin-junki-SADDEST-cop


    he wont leave without some action! w/o drawing some blood first! he came for something & he’s gonna get it!!

  • Any Justice?

    What happened after the video was released?
    Was the cop charged with brutality?
    Is this man getting Justice?

  • POWER TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    this sicko cop will not allow the facts slow down his craving for a POWER-TRIP!!!
    he decided this kid will get arrested regardless of the facts! we don’t have time to find out the facts!!

    we are too eager to some (innocent sleeping) guy up!!

    for this cop it aint about preventing criminals! its about FIGHTING & SELFISH-SADISTIC thrills!!

  • arci

    what ever happened to the new police commissioner who wanted to really get a good beginning? Is he still trying? We are waiting to see how this will be dealt with. how sad this is.

  • DAN Greenspan

    There are 2 sides to this for sure. No. 1 The Cops should have given the guy a bit more time to contact Moishe Feiglin to prove that he had the permission to sleep there. They jumped too fast to a violent conclusion. On the other hand, the bochur had “weed” in his pocket, probably warranted that the janitor would snitch on him for some unruly behaviour, I don’t know. Myself, I went a few times to Aliyah Centre. That back room with the pool table is a “CHILUL Hashem” come Shabbos. Well into after candlelighting, the young guys continue to smoke, play pool, hangout like it’s a regular day. I don’t want that my children should be exposed to that in a shul. Sorry. Rabbi Feiglin, you have to clean up this place.

  • Question

    how is it that ALIYA have all this problems ?
    rabbi feiglin teaching his students to be mossrim

  • joe

    link this everywhere you can,
    make it go viral,
    help this poor guy the awareness he deserves

  • Mr J

    NYPD is guilty of outrageous misconduct. Cops should have been able to physically remove him without brutal violence.
    BTW: Weak cop – throws sucker punch and then many more punches and the guy is unscathed. Unarmed civilian 1 NYPD – 0
    If this guy threw punches he would have kicked the cop’s ass.
    (Of course they would have shot him on the spot)


    NYPD should have called Shomrim.

    After all, 6 Shomrim Volunteers “beat up” a room full of 34-40 large Meshichistim in their own HQ at 749.


  • Please Let Me Know How I Can Help?

    Can someone with influence step up and put pressure on the commanding officers to prosecute those two police officers!

  • Yoni Miz

    We should march like the African Americans do. I this would happen to a black man, all hell would break loose! We have to unite against this brutality!

  • sd

    The deplorable silence by the lay and Rabbinic leadership of our community is an abomination. Who is the person and under what authority did he call in the police to deal with at best a possible case of tresspassing. Why did the officers attempt to handcuff the person instead of just asking him to leave the premises. The Nazi like beastiality portrayed by the officers is on par with the nefarious actions of the police in the Rodney King beating, and without doubt les justified in this case. We do not have all the facts and a statement from Aliya themselves would help us to better understand the cicumstances. Regardless of such, the brutal actions of these officers is still unjustified, and it is an outrage that this has not been sent to the general media. Had this occurred in any other Jewish neighberhood the public outcry would be of epic proportions. Being quiet and complacent in the face of this by all factions of our religious and political leadership is an abhorrence. Should there be any truth to the rumors of a coverup by any Jewish official of any position it is truly a sad day for us, and reminiscent of the complacency by leadership that allowed shameful movements such as Nazism to arise to power. We as Yidden do not react by rioting in the streets, but we must not let this pass without making the appropiate public outcry which it deserves. Those in power must be held accountable for the silence so far. Should any Jewish politician from within or from out of the community be involved in any fashion or form of a coverup, it has to be publicized, and they have to be held to task. Allowing this to pass without the due deserved recriminations to those responsible will open the door to further unjustified Police brutality. For those that made comments stating that was justified i would have you check your lineage.

  • Mendel




  • mbd wanabe

    SOme of you are bunch of babies – cut the nazi talk also stupid morons…how lame.

    nypd have by and large a good bunch of officers.

    SO one of em decided to go ballistic – true he was provoked – and had it coming – you bet he did – you DO NOT resist arrest period….but this cop went overboard and will/should get canned for this bahviouer.

    But how can some of you go knock em all?

    You mean we have no idiots in OUR lot ? come on, I bet you can think of a handful nut cases in our lot.

    Well guess what? the nypd has a few too.

    No reason for the stupid conspiracy theories and dumb comments.

  • dovid

    why did trapler call the cops on him, trapler should have called feiglin first. shame on trapler for bring this on…



    I’m not going to comment about the facts to this specific case, for I don’t know all the details.

    Looking at this from a different perspective.

    Watch now how the Mossrim Machine (CHJCC, Chanina Sperlin, Dov Hikind, Barry Sugar and Co.), are going to wake up and pretend as if they “care” for this young man.

    Why are they all of a sudden waking up, after years of silence, after years of police abuse towards the community?

    The answer is simple.

    When they had their “enforcer”, Ex-Inspector Peter Simonetti do they’re bidding by aggressively and maliciously targeting Shomrim, they were happy and couldn’t care less about what was or wasn’t happening.

    As long as the police was “on their side”, the Machine would let them get away with anything.

    But now that we have a new Inspector, an inspector which has not taken a liking to the Mesira Machine and in fact has cooperated with other factions in the community and in turn disregards the Mesira Machine, well, that’s a problem the Mesira Machine must correct.

    The case above is an opportunity for the Machine to try once again to raise to power. We must prevent them from hijacking this tragic event for they’re own personal gain!

    By the way: Assemblyman Dov Hikind does not represent the Crown Heights community. He has nothing to do here and should go home!

  • Oy vey

    This “poor guy” should have listened to cops’ orders to begin with. He was not injured, he did not go to the hospital. The officers exerted a minimum amount of force (no Taser, no gunfire) to enact an arrest. As soon as they got him on the floor and his arms out from under him, he was handcuffed. And the struggling STOPPED.
    Number 79, you wrote: “The point is they handcuffed him and then beat him up mercilessly.” That is demonstrably FALSE. Watch it again. And then again. And again.
    Listen to police who give you a lawful order. Because that’s what this was. Do not resist arrest. There is a time for appealing, and that time is NOT when police are telling you to comply with a lawful order. Oh, and don’t have marijuana on you when you decide to make an ill-guided stand on principle.

  • Something-s Got To Be Done Soon

    They are completely out of hand, and very different, I will add, from the good quality police in other neighborhoods. Their history with the men, women, and children of this community has to be formally addressed.

  • volvy kbl

    Terrible overreaction of cops:But who let them in???
    Stop playing tamevat.
    They were let in…
    Now you want to drag the whole yiddishe kehilleh into your fights

  • You are the best and then ....

    maybe the rest
    heikind did you wake up ?
    what did heikind ever do for crown heights ?
    Truble .
    now mr heikind and the machshaifos dance on the blood

  • Oy vey

    STOP MAKING THIS ABOUT POLICE VS. JEWS. It is a man who refused to leave an area he had no permission or authority to be inside. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • From 89

    True, I made a mistake. When he stopped struggling for a while on the couch, I thought they put hands cuffs on him.

    The point remains. The guy stopped fighting and the public servants just kept beating him.

    He is waiting for them to calm down and stop beating him, but they don’t.

    From 3:10 to 3:24 the “lady” officer beats him in the leg while he is not resisting.

    Did the victim make any mistakes? Sure… Would I have done things different, yep…

    Should those two officers go to jail and loose their job ABSOLUTELY and that is the point.

  • john

    shocking and scarry how the police can do this now the community leaders need to start a campaighn of accountability for these procedures. what that video showed is a complete brutal assault on a non violent person this cop is nothing but a sick and visious psyco

  • josh

    to #126 really? dont let your kid out of your house if you are afraid of him seeing what go’s on im the real world.

  • Press Conference?

    Get him a good lawyer and a press conference. Is he special needs really?

    BTW, LA turn something like this into a riot! wake up crown heights !!!!

  • To: Oy vey

    Oy vey, who gave you “permission or authority” to walk on the streets or breath air? Who do you thing you are? This country and constitution does not belong to police, the last time i checked. People like you deserve their heads to be bushed by thugs in uniform or without.

  • to #127. Question wrote:

    This is not right.

    B”H Rabbi Feiglin works with our youth that others have written off. Now you blame him???

    He deserves a ton of credit for his work.

  • Moshe

    While it may be true that most days for the police are boring and they’re excited to get some “action” (hence the advance of half the precinct the moment they mentioned something on the radio) for the most part they are just doing their job, which is a very dangerous job and a lot of them have families, every day they are risking their life.

    Some low life who has no future anyway could pull a gun and make those families widows and orphans. Part of their job involves keeping the roads safe and while I admit they completely exaggerate the amount of parking and moving violation tickets in New York area, a good rule of thumb is keep the law and you’ll save money.

    Another rule of thumb is NEVER PHYSICALLY RESIST THE LAW. Whether they’re right or wrong once they decide to cuff you, if you try to forcibly resist I’m sorry you are stupid and stubborn and will get a beating.

    All that being said, these cops were out of line and unprofessional. If he really said he has permission and can prove it, they’re completely wrong for trying to arrest him without verifying that. If he was drunk or on drugs he I don’t blame him for resisting, if he wasn’t he’s just plain dumb or crazy. And I don’t know their exact protocol for forcibly cuffing someone unarmed but I’m sure a better trained or more experienced officer would have been able to do it without the beating they gave him.

    And yes that small woman officer is unfit for the job and it’s not safe for her, but the sad fact is we live in an “equal rights” society and no one can change that. I think they try to always keep a male partner with the females.

    Regarding those who have beef with Aliyah for not publicly protesting, you’re either stupid or have some political motivation. As I mentioned the police are there to serve the public and for most days when you’re not getting a ticket or being arrested you are benefiting from their protection.

    Even though it’s incorrect they can be babyish too and if one particular organization publicly ostracizes them the sad fact is it will harm their working relationship, which is very important.

    March against the NYPD but don’t be surprised if the Lag BaOmer organizers suddenly have trouble getting permits or the opposite the labor day paraders are suddenly much more out of control.

    If he does suffer permanent damage from the beating he should definitely sue though.

  • Dr. Dean Grunwald (Israel Nachrichten)

    Dear Colleagues,
    I’ve translate the story into german language and published at Israel Nachrichten, Israels online-Newspaper in german language under: http://www.israel-nachricht
    Because I think that this story should be spread worldwide. Thank you for this article,
    All the Best
    Dean Grunwald
    Editor in Chief
    Israel Nachrichten

  • Disappointed Crown Heights girl

    Omg!!! Wtf????? Who are these people? Do they have brain damage or something???? They had no reason to do what they did. The only explanation is that they were dropped on their heads as infants thus not able to think properly. I mean, really what’s the point of having police around if they’re just gonna hurt us. Might as well not have any. I’m soooooooo disappointed. Shame on them! I hope they get their butts thrown in jail….before they hurt anyone else.

  • Detective Marino

    This is NOT about Police vs. Jews.

    It IS about two Police Officers who lost their cool and abused their authority.
    It IS about two Police Officers who could – and should – have handled this peacefully and professionally.
    It IS about Ehud (the unarmed, homeless Jewish man) not posing any real or immediate threat.
    It IS about two Police Officers ignoring (deliberately or otherwise) the fact that Jews (especially) are peaceful.
    It IS about time that Police Officers get the 7 Noahide Laws as part of their training protocol.

    This is NOT about two Police Officers getting caught on camera.
    It IS about recognizing that Almighty G-d, the Creator, sees and hears everything that goes on behind closed doors.

    In the spirit of the Lubavitcher Rebbe let us continue to respect and love our Keepers of the Peace.

  • Jimmy

    ANother day, another awful awful police beating. We all need to unite against the NYPD, legally, and get them to change their ways!

  • Oy vey

    #158: You nut-less wonder. Who do I think I am? I’m a law-abiding citizen who would never find himself in that situation, on either end. But you’re right; this country and Constitution do not belong to the police. They belong to the complainants and victims who call the police to assist them and keep them safe when they can’t handle problems on their own, such as in this case. Your “walking down the streets and breathing air” scenario is an apples-to-oranges comparison. This incident took place inside a private establishment – and he was in the women’s area. And he did not have permission to be there. And he had marijuana on him. And he verbally threatened physical harm to the officers. Those are facts. And, again, he previously refused to comply with lawful orders to leave. Further, your wish that I get my head bashed in shows you are of as little intellect as other readers might presume.

  • To: Oy vey

    From the news reports: “The director of ALIYA, Rabbi Moshe Feiglin, reiterated that the victim, Ehud Halevy, had full permission to be at the center.” You are either naive fool who believes every word police is feeding you or a hypocrite who thinks that is is OK for police to beat up fellow Jew into pulp as long as it is not you or your son.

  • Oy vey

    168: Interesting you should use the verbiage “fellow Jew.” Are you inferring that I am Jewish? That the police officers are Jewish? More importantly, WHAT BEARING DOES RELIGION HAVE ON ANY OF THIS? The answer is: nothing. Get over the Jewish thing. The man should have complied with a lawful order. You can keep second-guessing and Monday-morning-quarterbacking all you want. The officers are not going to stand there and debate with a shirtless man who refuses to listen, and threatens them physical harm — all while the COMPLAINANT who called 911 to report a trespass suspect is standing there. This happened at 4:45 a.m. Would the good Rabbi like to be woken up at that hour? Would he even answer his phone? Be reasonable.

  • To Oy Vey the anti Semite

    Listen bro b4 u start saying how he didn’t have permission read the full article! It says near the end that it was proved that he was allowed 2 b there and had been there for a few months! And he is a “shirtless” man b/c he was sleeping and many sleep without shirts which is perfectly normal. And 3rdly how wud u react if u were woken up rudely in the middle of the nite and not even given time 2 prove that u have permission to b there?!?!

  • Rivka

    I think they did go a bit far but he didn’t really comply with the officers.. If he would have cooperated he wouldn’t have been beaten .. But I reiterate that they did beat him a little too hard for sleeping on a couch..

  • Dollar Bill Y-all

    If that CHUMP with the baseball hat hadn’t called the cops to begin with, none of this NYPD BRUTALITY would have ever happened!

  • To: Oy vey - The Goyshe Kopf

    Are your so blind not to understand that Ehud Halevy’s presence there was lawful? And stop using Yiddish phrase “Oy vey” if you are not Jewish. It sounds patronizing and offensive and make you sound really stupid.

  • yac

    why doesn’t the nypd catch all the bloody real criminals in ch instead of beating people up take the crime of our streets if your board

  • TO AVI


  • Yehuda Venice Ca.

    They both must be sued!

    here is the law

    Peace officers may often choose to use such flashlights because they are viewed primarily as illumination devices; thus, if a peace officer carries one in his hands during nighttime encounters with potentially violent subjects, it would be more difficult to file valid complaints (of unnecessarily brandishing a weapon) than if the officer were to be equipped with a baton or pepper spray canister instead. This permits the officer to have an impact weapon in hand and ready for instantaneous action, rather than having to draw a baton or pepper spray canister

  • Freethehumanrace

    They’ve already told us that the police acted in the correct manner, this is what they’re trained to do…

  • Jenny

    THE POLICE SUCK!!! This is why I hate cops. I know, I know, they’re not all bad. But it sure seems like it to me. If I had kids I would definitely tell them to stay aways from the police & be scared of them.

  • NY, a police state of mind

    I guess the Fourth Reich will start in New York. Glad I’m not there.

  • Lubavitcher

    The guy was bitten up because he was Jew and white.. The police were acting as nazis. They would not do that to AfricanAmerican in East NewYork area-Al Sharpton would end their carriers for ever. I hope Jewish Communitiy of Crown Heights will take care of this matter. I really appreciate this community, used to live there for many years and believe in to power of nice people in this community.

  • Meir

    The person only refused to be handcuff, and for that the cop should box him out,he wasnt even armed,he did it at of atisemitism,i would fight that police to the end

  • crazy

    These police officers should be put in prison for life, they did worse then Rebashkin.

  • confused.

    I think he should have allowed cops to handcuff him. If I havent done anything wrong I will never be afraid of going to police station or court. But still boxing with unarmed person thats unethical.

  • dave

    Those cops, all of them, every single one of them in that room including the so-called female officer, should be fired and pensions canceled. I cannot believe my tax dollars are paying the salary of UFC fighters. Bloomberg and Kelly, you can both go suck it.

  • disgusted

    he did resist arrest but at the same time as far as i know, you dont beat someone for resisting arrest.

  • TechnoViking

    “Resisting Arrest” for not kissing up to the cops when you have every right to be where you are and they are in the wrong to order you to leave? So if they were honest in what they were charging him with, they would charge him with “Contempt of Self-Important Cop,” “Standing Up For Yourself Against a Bureaucratic Tax Feeder,” and “Asserting His Rights.” This man deserves a freaking medal, not a felony charge.

  • Want Justice

    I’m disgusted by those two Nazis, words fail me.
    and then when there is real crime nothing happens those nazis shud be…………

  • 1955

    The ID10T aggressively resisted arrest. He should not have resisted. Play stupid games. win stupid prizes.

  • Justifyable Force? NOT

    To all those of you claiming that ‘he was resisting arrest and it was his fault’, so Officer Vegas taking a ‘boxing stance’ in order to procure an arrest is considered justifiable force?! You all have some issues that are far bigger then your lust for violence alone. I would say you are sadists.

    If you pay close attention to the video, when the first ‘backup’ officer (who you can see is a sergeant) arrives on scene and the first thing he does is he remove Mr. Halevy off the couch in the corner of the room and into the center, that is proper procedure, so that now officers have access to the persons hands from all sides.

    Once Mr. Halevy was on the floor in the middle the confrontation effectively ended, he was cuffed and walked out into a waiting police car.

    There is never a situation where a police officer would need to raise his hands in a manner suggesting aggression, no matter what the provocation was. A police officers job is just that – to do his job, by utilizing his skills he learns in training coupled with rational thinking.

    The moment Mr. Halevy refused to be cuffed the officers should have knocked him to the ground, not punch him in the face. Nowhere in police procedure guidelines does it say “when attempting to place a detainee in handcuffs, assume a boxing stance and throw and effective blow to the face”.

    Should Mr. Halevy have resisted arrest? No!

    Did that merit the beatdown that followed? Absolutely not!

  • BeenArrestedALOT

    He is resisting arrest. The cops didn’t do anything wrong. If the idiot had gone peacefully he wouldn’t have gotten hurt.

  • rav

    I do not think the police are nice people, however the gentelman being arrested did not appear to be using the magic words, please, yes sir, no sir and whatever you say sir… When it is just you and the police, they are always right…

  • Big bear

    This why you need 60 college credit, so
    you can beat any one you want… The cops
    hide behind the shield… All cops are a bunch of cowards
    Cops are a bad judgment of characters they should be train in this area

  • S. H.

    Very suspect with the boxing stance, and the duration of the beating seems very excessive. Hopefully this will end with the officers being fired.

  • Maskil

    #193:Congratulations!!!!!You’ve just won the ‘Cretin of the year 2012’ prize!!!!

  • 90 day suspensions

    I viewed the video 3 times this is what i think:

    1- Appears there was some complaint against the individual- although he had prior permission we may find out at trial he was asked to leave for some reason.
    2- The guy clearly resisted arrest. (when an officer says You are under arrest he’s not kidding and handcuffs are placed on for the officers protection).
    3. The officer propagated the fight (taking the boxing stance and attacking)Since the guy was unarmed he and his partner should have wrestled the guy down.The cops also should have called for back up sooner or as soon as they uncounted verbal resistance.They handled it poorly.

  • Devils advocate

    Why is it that when a drunk resists arrest and the cops do what they can to detain him the police are automatically at fault. The female officer grabbed his arm he pulled away the male officer grabbed his arm and then he flung his hands in the air at the officers face. We don’t have audio so we do not know what was said by either side. Even after the guy got punched he was fighting back. Did they over do it, maybe, but again that is a big maybe because we don’t know what was said by the suspect.

  • SKylar Tate

    This is exactly what has been going on in the Black communities for decades throughout New York. Black men and women have been beaten, shot, and abused on a consistent basis, all without recourse.

  • chaim t

    why did Zlamy Trappler, call the cops???????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • evan cohn

    I think the cop will be awarded by the 71st this just shows cops don’t have preference unless you are mitt romney and quiet as it’s kept we are not mitt romney not by a long shot

  • Kenneth Ellman, Box 18, Newton, NJ 07860

    From Kenneth Ellman,, Newton, NJ 07860, I just watched the Video and read the NYT article “2 Officers Being Investigated After Video Shows Them Beating Man”, Oct. 14/15, 2012. I also read here at Crown Heights Info the same.
    It reminds me of the phrase “Another Jew Betrayed By His Own People”.
    I have a few comments as follows:

    1. It does not appear that this was a “Police Problem” per se. It is more of a Jewish problem. Everything I read indicates that the suspect, one of our people, a young man needing help, Ehud H. Halevi, was in a Jewish place with the full permission of the Rabbi. Yet, the Police were called (by a Jew, to hurt a Jew?) and our own was beaten and arrested in a Jewish place where he had a right to be. Arrested and beaten by Gentiles who were called by a fellow Jew. Why??? How strange. How many of us can step back and see our own family there being beaten? It would be hard to make up such events. Now we foolishly want to blame this on the Police. I ask you did the Police enter this Jewish place on their own or were they called by a fellow Jew to hurt another Jew who was merely sleeping and trying to survive as best as he can?? Who called the Police and asked them to use force to hurt this apparently fully innocent Jew?? You know the answer.

    2. It is very difficult to know exactly what caused the 2 Officers to believe they were so threatened that it was necessary to attack this man. Certainly he can be seen to resist arrest and that in and of itself under New York law is sufficient to use necessary physical force to make the arrest. Whether the arrest was justified under New York Criminal Procedure Law/Penal Law is a separate question for the District Attorney to determine. NY Law is clear that physical force can always be used to make an arrest to the extent necessary to overcome resistance. That is settled law.

    3. I and others with some knowledge of law enforcement, watched this Video and came away with the conclusion that the Officers were not properly trained in how to safely control and subdue a suspect. It really appears they did not know how to physically make a safe arrest. It was a very unfortunate example of poor police training. It should be shown as a training video for what an Officer should NOT do.

    4. It does appear that due to the insufficient arrest training of the Officers they used physical force that should not have been necessary. But an Officer must and can only use the tools he has at his disposal and his training is one of those tools for better or worse. The Police Agency they are employed by is responsible for the poor training, not the Officers.

    5. It does appear that upon arrival of the Officers they were able to fully communicate with the suspect and open a dialog. Why they believed it was necessary to escalate that dialog into an arrest is not known at this time. It does appear that the suspect did NOT offer any physical danger to the Officers BEFORE they attempted to handcuff and arrest. So what talk took place we do not now know. The video clearly shows a fellow Jew come out and argue with the suspect , Ehud H. Halevi.
    That fellow Jew appeared to be the trigger for the Police action. That is the problem.

    6. When Officers are confronted with this situation and have sub par arrest training, it is usually best to simply call for backup and wait. Then you have overwhelming physical presence (hopefully with an experienced Officer) to safely subdue a non violent unarmed suspect. That should limit any physical injury to everyone.

    7. Yes, there is the issue of poor police training and incompetent law enforcement response.
    That I assume must and will be fully pursued. Hopefully Justice will be done for our fellow MOT.

    8. BUT, We must not forget that it was a Jew calling Gentile to hurt what was apparently a harmless sleeping MOT in a Jewish house. That is the most disturbing question. Gentile hurting Jews is nothing new and unfortunately as we can see Jews hurting Jews is nothing new. But in a Jewish house where we have control! This was our failure as much as any failure of the Police. This did not have to happen. Do not blame the Police.
    Kenneth Ellman, Box 18, Newton, NJ 07860

  • EU

    Why was those cops inside the synagoge anyway??
    When 1’te 2 officers come and start the beating then like 10 mores in the end of the movie is inside the room….. Think its strange…. Something Must happens before the 7m longe movie was “cut” only to see what the police did….

    I dont trust the movie, but i dont like what it show….
    And i feel bad for the man they beat up!
    Like we say in EU the biggest gang in the wold is the police.

  • Nom De Plume in Oklahoma

    For those of you who criticize the officers, you should learn some things first. Among those items, learn how to spell the word “lawyer,” then learn how officers were trying to arrest him without severely hurting him. These techniques appear brutal, but are geared to not inflicting severe injuries. The “truncheon” that was used appears to be deployed against parts of the suspect’s body such as legs, buttocks, laces that are not critical areas, such as head, neck, or chest. Like Rodney King, the man should feel lucky that he was not shot. Those who complain about the police, GROW UP!!!!!!

  • Mohammed Riaz

    Thats the worst thing i ever seen. Hope the man gets justice against the police. Shocking scenes!

  • To #209

    To #209 first of all spelling dose not really matter in this case and that dose not make the cops right.. And if you war just trying to use your sens of humer, I just wanna let you know that you sound like the biggest idiot, it’s not the right place to write stupid jokes!
    The officers war trying to arrests him (for no good reason) without hurting him and if the 2 loosers couldn’t arrest a weak poor innocent man they should call for back up and not just try to show off for the Russian female partner that he knows how to punch the poor man in the FACE… Yes in the face and all critical areas.
    #209 you are a bad stupid idiot,

  • randon dude

    this is the way that NYPD act all the the time. but this time they caught in camera

  • TechnoViking

    This man was where he was SUPPOSED TO BE, doing nothing wrong, and the cops were in the wrong to be asking him to leave in the first place. He was _RIGHT_ to resist them because it’s his Constitutional right to protect his own Liberty when he has done nothing wrong. They were even MORE WRONG when they tried to arrest him, and THRICE WRONG when they assaulted him. Badges do not give them extra rights. Had you or I done that to “defend ourselves” we would face assault charges. So should they. Equal justice means equal justice even if you wear a badge to work.

  • Disappointed

    -The absurdity of their (in)ability. The female cop drops her baton and almost falls over it. Next, queue the Keystone Cops… enter Fatty Arbuckle and crew. You’d think there was a sale on donuts. -Virtually all obese. Just plain pathetic. Aren’t there standards anymore? Wow. Shame. Shame. Shame. You give good cops a bad name. Sadly, as Nicola wrote it is “routine” behavior by many bad cops.

  • jørgen denstadli

    coppers like theese keep pushing and pushing… sooner or later they gonna push someone who is not afraid to pull a gun on a uniform… and fire..

  • ch resident

    aliyah made no comment yet they released the video. rabbi feiglin is at the rally pretending to be innocent when i happen to know he has a history of allowing people to call police on people inside his shul.i was once davening with my tefillin on when i was forcefully removed. then he plays stupid. yingel bistritsky was at the rally too although he is involved in locking jews up. yingel bistritsky brought police to my house on simchas torah night and had them drag me out of bed and send me to rykers. along with other hatzalah and shomrim members. police brutality is not a chidush. ppl need to know that the real enemy are jews, rabbis, and local vigilante groups who ignore halacha and turn on their own ppl.

  • Sanityforsaken

    I have watched this video now 3x trying to be as neutral as possible. So here are my thoughts, yes I can see in the beginning where the police would consider Mr. Halevi as “resisting arrest”. But that in its self creates more questions, why was he being arrested?
    Instead of creating a hostile moment, why would the police not just take a moment to verify that he had permission to be in the synagogue lounge? Calling the Rabbi to verify the story would have taken less time than the entire free – for –all impromptu beating.
    But on the other hand, if Halevi had of not resisted, not put his hands in his pockets, kept flinging his arms around and 2x, in the video he steps forward into the officers space… it that considered a threatening gesture?
    I was already to defend the officers because of the job they are required to do and all the day in and day out violence and crime they have to deal with… until I saw the male officer take a boxing stance, that is not a stance of defense or subdue that is a stance of “I have full intentions of kicking your ass”.
    So do I think the officers should be punished? Yes, for brutality… yes, for the male officer. The female officer should also be charged or penalized for excessive force, none the less they should both lose their jobs.
    Now what about Halevi and his charges, was he resisting arrest yes and should be charged with such. As for the assaulting an officer, trespassing and harassment, no there should be no charges for these since it was already established that he had permission to be there he obviously was not trespassing, the video shows there was no assault on the officers and harassment… who was harassing who?
    The real question should be why did 12 (yes I counted them) other officers respond to a call concerning an unarmed, half naked man, sleeping (and then resisting arrest) in a synagogue? Can you honestly tell me that there were no other crimes going on it that city? Now I know there are times when it takes 12 officers to subdue a person, like a geeked out meth head on the rampage and armed but this guy does not even come close to posing as a true threat to the officers.
    So now what… the city spends a coupe 100k defending the officers while Halevi sues the city and the police force, then the city settles the suit by negotiating a settlement of another couple 100k, plus the time loss by the police department (calling 12 witnesses) and the courts (courts could have been handling real cases) and the jury by time this case is over it will cost the taxpayer about 400k instead of the 0.75 cents and a 5 minute phone call to the Rabbi to find out if the man was given permission to be sleeping in the synagogue lounge.
    “Common sense”, the only thing more extinct than the dinosaur.

  • JenniferRH

    The was clearly acting volatile (waiving his arms, leaning in toward the officers in a threatening manner) before an arrest was even attempted. You can’t hear what he or the police were saying, but the police appear calm and Halevi was acting very agitated. After the arrest began, he is very obviously resisting… even on the couch, you can see his leg kicking and his muscles tensed and ready to fight. He’s lucky he didn’t get beat worse. Officers are continually forced into situations where they must make quick decisions in rapidly escalating situations, that can turn dangerous, even deadline, without warning. It is easy to be a Monday morning referee when you are in the calm and quiet of your computer chair, but I see an individual resisting arrest and, he clearly got what he deserved. We are required by law to comply with officers demands and requests. If you don’t you put an officer on alert that you may be danger. Use of force is allowed — you have no civil right to not be hurt if you don’t comply with an officers instructions. Not every push, shove, punch, or kick is excessive use of force.

  • Alexis Maestre-Saborit

    No More Abuse in the United States.
    No More Repression in the United States.
    Stop the Discrimination.

  • Victor Menzeda

    Was there a single cop in the video not overweight?

    Now only if he had a box of donuts nearby…

  • An instructor

    This poor young man attended one of my COLLEGE classes. I don’t know his personal life issues/problems, but he seemed fairly EVEN TEMPERED and presented in an INTELLIGENT manner. I have a heavy heart that such an incident transpired and feel certain it was totally not warranted. I am relieved that he was exonerated.
    In recent months, I have observed that our NYC systems such as transit, police, even 911 are no longer functioning reliably, or with any accountability. That, too, is sad.
    I would like those who never met the victim to give him the benefit of the doubt. I hope he recovers fully and wish him well!

  • SupportTheFuzz!

    This has nothing to do with whether the dude belonged there or not. Ehud was obviously resisting arrest and not cooperating. FYI: don’t resist arrest. The cops were totally justified in subduing him.

  • Matt

    This reminds me of American Psycho. Without that badge, that cop would be the same criminal scum that he is being paid to stop.

  • Rich

    It was not clear to me from the video that the suspect submitted. If the suspect keeps fighting the police, then the police are required to continue attempting to subdue him. If he was begging for mercy, then this really is a case of police brutality. But if he was fighting back, then I have to side with the police officers. When a police officer tells you to do something, you are required to do it. You don’t get to resist, or ask questions, or complain. As for police methods, I’d question why the officers did not move him to the floor immediately instead of keeping him on the couch. They should have been able to get the cuffs on him alot quicker. They need to learn how to subdue using holds and locks rather than blows. An arm-bar would have achieved results better and faster than repeated blows. Jiu-jitsu training ought to be required for all police.

  • two wrongs ...not a totally innocent man

    so here is what really happened and you can tell by watching the video….he was not cooperating and before the officers started the beating he was in fact resisting arrest. up to that point cops were fine. then the male officer took a boxing stance and proceeded to ignore all protocol and procedures in subduing the man. two wrongs here – don’t act like the man did nothing wrong – he did when he resisted arrest and refused to do what the officers told him – and the officers due to bad training or simply being bad cops and human beings enjoyed whooping up on him. I have had dealings with police and i understand that they hold all the cards. If they tell you to step outside, step outside if you did nothing wrong it will come to light. being combatitive with them gives them carte blanche to subdue you

  • Billy Walker

    C’mon folks… maybe be a bit more impartial on this incident. The initial male officer certainly appeared to handle this poorly. However, the young man appears to be resisting arrest prior to real trouble beginning. To put it bluntly you are not allowed to resist arrest whether you’re right or wrong. I’m sure fellow readers know this. Resisting arrest invites trouble. Combine that with a cop getting out of control you have an issue. Two wrongs appeared to have occurred here yet most comments seem to leave that out of the discussion. That makes no sense. Why are so many dumping solely on the police officer? Are that many people missing what appears to be resisting a police officer?

    So many folks are making comments over something that in all likelihood they know zero about because they weren’t there to witness it. Watch the video again and observe what appears to be antagonism towards the police and ultimately the act of resisting arrest. I believe what we are witnessing is a young man acting inappropriately and a police officer following suit. It appears to me both deserve punishment.