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Video: Newbies Vs. Seasoned Shluchos

This humorous production by the five Rodal sisters – all Shluchos in different parts of the world – highlights the stark difference between young women who just arrived on Shluchus and their more experienced and seasoned counterparts, in the way they approach various aspects of their day-to-day Shlichus.

The video was screened Thursday night at this year’s annual International Kinus Hashluchos.

Starring in the video are five sisters, each one on Shlichus in a different part of the world: Sonia Hershcovich – Los Cabos, Mexico; Dinele Polichenco – San Diego, CA; Brocho Leah Sasonkin – Metula, Israel; Zeldi Richter – New York, NY; and Sorele Brownstein – David, California.


  • 8. CH'er wrote:

    perhaps true perhaps cute or humorous, perhaps thoughts of your own mindset,,,,

    however i find it foolish silly and maybe even a chillul Lubavitch, as a group or personal not chabad, making fun of who we are,

    Sad but as others have done,, this is my thoughts,

    Lets grow up here

    • 9. Great!! wrote:

      Sooo Funny, and sooo true, to number 8 grow up, its a satire of life and I guess you’ll never understand, oh well. Your probably not on Shluchos or probably not a lady so lighten up

  • 11. This is totally belittling the stature of Shluchim/Shluchos and degrading of Shlichus wrote:


    • 12. Right wrote:

      Because until now we all thoght Shluchim/Shluchos wer not human and this belittles/degrades them to the level of mere mortals….

  • 17. Chill people wrote:

    Wow, some people here are so unbelievably update. I’m glad I don’t know you.

  • 20. Anonymous wrote:

    with the negative comments- you obviously didn’t read the article which stated that the video was made BY SHLUCHOS in SATIRE! which means it’s made by shluchos in jest of themselves and how time changes you and your perspectives.. grow up some yourselves and revisit this then

  • 21. Loved it!!! wrote:

    Absolutely hysterical- and in great taste…!
    Thank you so much rodals for the laughs!!!!

  • 22. bedtime wrote:

    To be honest I didn’t see much difference in the “before” and “after” bedtime–in both cases the children were amazingly cooperative and were in bed within minutes, with Mom patient throughout (maybe a teensy bit less patient in the second clip), and the room neat and organized. Well done, mom!

  • 23. Good job!! wrote:

    We’re a Zevulun, not a Yissachar,
    and it looks like that at our house too,
    so I guess we really ARE partners with the Shluchim, which is exactly what we want to be!
    Thanks so much for this!!

  • 26. Life wrote:

    It’s even a cute satire of us non shluchus how we grow from timid self conscious 20 year olds to more chilled 40 year olds.

  • 28. some people wrote:

    For those who take themselves too seriously, just remember to get off your throne-you are not royalty.If you cannot laugh at yourself once in awhile,then you obviously have some deep insecurities which you should address with a counselor if you haven’t already done so.Humor is what makes life tolerable when things don’t go right and Jews through centuries used humor to be strong and go on.Some people are just not educated, uptight and worry so much about image they can’t even function as humans.They really believe they are sooo above it.


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