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Video: NY Governor Mario Cuomo on ‘the Rebbe’s Gift’

Former New York Governor Mario Cuomo, who passed away last week, gave a fascinating interview to JEM on “The Rebbe’s Gift.”

Special thanks to Friendship Circle of NJ for facilitating this interview.

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  • 1. Cuomo "Did The Right Thing" ....... wrote:

    During the Crown Heights Pogrom most of the NY Media Censored the Truth of what was happening , Afterwards Gov. Cuomo Appointed Richard Girgenti to Investigate what happened , “Girgenti Report” forced the NY Media to Finally tell the Truth, The New York Times Public Advocate was forced to write a long article criticizing the Paper for its Biased coverage and what most people saw as a cover up to Protect Mayor Dinkins re-election , This contributed to Mayor Dinkins not to get re-elected , There was also a a backlash against Gov. Cuomo by the usual liberal groups which resulted in Gov. Cuomo not getting re-elected


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