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Video: 7 Abuse Survivors Break the Silence

Jewish Community Watch, an organization dedicated to combating child abuse,  has released a new short film titled ‘Speak Up,’ telling the stories of seven young adults from the Orthodox Jewish community who suffered the horrors of CSA and have journeyed from being victims to survivors.

Warning: The following video contains content which may not be suitable for children, please view at your own discretion.

Click on this link to watch:


  • 1. Deedog wrote:

    This video is amazing , You are an inspiration to us all .To all of the survivors we support you and sorry for what you’ve been through ..feeling alone ,well you not alone !

    Stay Strong!

  • 3. Blown away wrote:

    Blown away by the courage of these people who went public in order to help our children and the adult children who never healed. So powerful!
    I think many people don’t realize how jcw is paving the way for a safe haven for our children. My children are still toddlers and I worry about what they will go through and who they will encounter, I feel more secure knowing that jcw has our community’s back!
    I also think that jcw is breaking the stigma that chikdren who are molested are damaged goods- they are not! It’s the molestors who are damaged goods, and these children are regular, normal, children, that could’ve been your child. These people give courage to other children to speak up! By going public they just saved the life of other children!
    More people are realizing and coming to terms with the real issues in our community, and are becoming more open to jcw!
    Hatzlacha jcw! Keep up the great work! Meir, your selfless work will pay off, when people will accept your mission, and molestation will be uprooted from our community!

  • 4. you are all heroes in my eyes wrote:

    Such brave souls!!

    Speaking out so that others won’t suffer what you did.

    We have you to thank that our children are BH growing up in a safer world!

  • 5. Yasher Koach! wrote:

    To each one of you on the video, my heart breaks for what you suffered! but at the same time I am in awe of what you have become. The voice of hope for our community! You should be honored in the same way as the Shluchim – who are around the world for every single Jew, Taking care for every Yids physical and spiritual well being!

  • 6. Heartbreaking to Watch wrote:

    I found this video heartbreaking. May Hashem help heal the hearts of these pure souls who had their childhood robbed from them and give them strength to carry on with life, joy and meaning.

  • 8. wsm wrote:

    these are truly awesome people, representing how to transform pain into positive life force. I can’t say enought. True, the JCW has some issues with trying to only pinpoint the true abusers and no mistakes from someone falsely accusing (chas ve sholom) but it is compleletly necessary to have this, it is time for healing, and it is time for those with disorders and illnesses to be stopped from harming anyone, either physically or mentally or both. May all be healed to be the best they can be.
    I’ve been reading that its time now for mental health issues to be brought out in the open. Its WAY past time and nobody should EVER suffer again. All this needs to come out in the OPEN, and heal.

  • 9. So appretiated wrote:

    What an amazing video! amazing how many years it took for some victims to come forward! May you all continue to inspire others to speak up and be brave . You are protecting our children and I cannot thank JCW enough!

    A grateful mother

  • 10. Anonymous wrote:

    Thank you for sharing your stories. I hope and believe that this will prevent and save so many others from suffering!


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