Videos: High Holiday Cantorial Classics

In a video series that may come in handy for aspiring Chazanim, produced for by Moshe Raskin of Swish Media, Chazan Aryeh Leib Hurwitz beautifully presents the traditional High Holidays rendition of five Yom Kippur prayers, including: Kol Nidrei, Hineni, Kaddish for Musaf, Unesanneh Tokef and Vehakohanim.


  • Beautiful

    i like his voice his range and ease and flexibility he mastered.

    a few comments:
    We dont repeat anything. you have to figure out the nusach around the repeats. (even yossele has 2 hineinis, one hineini, hineinin heoni as in this video. but he also has one with just one hineini)

    we dont say the parenthesis out loud (veno al tafsiaim etc.)

    otherwise it is absolutely beautiful

  • m b

    to # 3

    you are right about NOT repeating words….

    on saying the words in the parenthesis – he still needs to say it so ppl learning know the Chazan has to say it.

  • to # 5

    The problem is a lot of Chazzonim forget that its a private passage and should be said under your breath. So in essence he should’ve skipped it and showed how you pick up after the pause.

    I love to use Yossele’s Kevakoras and its a real challenge without repeating words. But it comes out so beautiful when done correctly.

  • dude this guy is amazing

    trust me iv been in the buisness a few years
    never have i heard such a clean voice

  • 4&5

    4 check out this link.Hineni – הנני by Yossele Rosenblatt:
    And this link
    cantor Yossele Rosenblatt – Hineni Heani Mimas’ash:

    5 he can either whisper it or just visibly nice his lips to indicate that he is saying something and if anyone looks in the machzor her would quickly figure what is he saying quietly

  • @9

    In both the links Yossele says the parentheses out load.

    And, he repeats in both versions.

    Hineni, is not during Shmone Esre, so you CAN repeat.