Video: PBS Profiles Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz

PBS aired this 7 minute video on their Religion and Ethics program profiling the world famous Talmudic scholar and Lubavitcher Chossid Rabbi Adin (Even Yisroel) Steinsaltz.

Rabbi Steinsaltz is a teacher, philosopher, social critic, and spiritual mentor, who has been hailed by Time magazine as a “once-in-a-millennium scholar.” He has devoted his life to making the Talmud accessible to all Jews.

Originally published in modern Hebrew, with a running commentary to facilitate learning, his Steinzaltz edition of the Talmud has also been translated into English, French, Russian and Spanish.


  • nice!

    I enjoyed the interview with Rabbi Steinsalz. He seems like a very learned, smart and wise man.

  • LaAniyas Dayti

    Hmmm. Brilliant?
    PBS is no friend to religion. I wonder whether they cut some (all) of the profound depth he is capable of, and left it on the editorial floor.