Video: Herbs that Sooth and Relax

Appearing recently on CBS’s The Couch, Sara Chana Silverstein, a Lubavitcher herbalist and alternative medicine specialist, gave some tips on how to sooth stress and achieve relaxation with herbs and other natural remedies.


  • No ignorant comments?!

    I am shocked to not see the strange and ignorant comments about herbs in general. By the way, many use beta blockers for meetings or presentation pressure, and lemon balm is a great and safe choice. Before making comments first check which would be safer.

  • North Jersey MD

    It’s amazing how this woman is still spewing her homeopathic “wisdom” all over frum blogs and YouTube. While there is something to be said for the benefits of herbal treatments, to say that “everyone needs them” is disingenuous and dangerous. Like any medicine, Western or otherwise, herbs have side effects and can also harmfully impact your health. But a lying, half-baked clown posing as an expert won’t tell you that, not when she’s trying to make money.

    I noticed on another post that she has a “degree” from Teleosis School of Homeopathy. It’s not combined with an MD but, rather, her “medical education” is solely based on homeopathy. In other words, she’s a professional fraudster. There are herbalists, mind you, that have a legitimate understanding of their field, but certainly wouldn’t present their findings under the guise of homeopathy. Ms. Silverstein, however, has no problem calling herself an expert in all health related matters despite possessing no medical degree or certification of any kind — Did you notice how she doesn’t let anyone else get a word in edgewise? There’s a reason for that.

    I would like to make a proposition: put her on a panel with myself and a few other qualified medical professionals at any Orthodox shul in New York, record it and put in on this website. Then count the number of times you cringe as each one of her lies and twisted bits of information are exposed.

  • Another MD

    Agree with the Above. Not in NY, but would love to watch a video of Silverstein vs an MD or DO.

  • YMSP

    Not sure why everyone needs to attack her. Her cures for colds/flu/pneumonia at least work extremely well – I can attest to it personally and how they open up breathing passages (the above doctors would be better suited to test the effectiveness of the mood swing cures).

    Instead of looking up new advancements, including conventional ones, it seems that many doctors are much more preoccupied with bashing anyone who challenges their conventional wisdom. Is that what they’re taught to do in university? Not surprising.

  • Sara Chana

    North Jersey MD. Let’s get that Panel together. I am ready. You find the place and I’ll gladly show up. Where and When?

  • TorahYid

    I have found “herbalists” lack basic knowledge of anatomy & physiology. They just don’t know how the body works but they want to “fix” you. No thanks, I just go to an actual doctor.

  • OyVay

    We all flag whatever it is we think helps us.

    I went to China and found an exotic mushroom and it fixed my headaches so now where ever I go I tell everyone that this was the problem in their life all along, they didn’t use the Chinese mushroom, if only people will begin to listen, if only people will fill their kitchen with Chinese mushrooms, all our problems will go away.

    So if you have a problem run to a “real” doctor, right?
    Real doctors are no better. They herald their infinite wisdom as if they can fix anything. But there’s a reason people are sick and tired of these MD doctors and seek out these “practitioners” from green lands.

    Nobody will cure you, not health freaks nor those who worship facts. Not even “doing” chitas will help you. So they say you need to help yourself, but that too is a quick fix. The only people who could help you is your family – the place you got sick to begin with.

  • Sara Chana

    Dear TorahYid,
    Anatomy & physiology was required to sit for my exam as a Lactation Consultant and as an Herbalist. Both professions require an in-depth understanding of anatomy & physiology.

  • OyVay

    I take back what I wrote.

    I wrote that herbs didn’t work – for me, but after talking with family who tell me how they were alleviated, I realize I have’t researched before talking, so, I have a lot to learn..