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Video of the Day: Only Moshiach Can Comfort Us

In these trying times in the darkest days of Golus, we must take to heart the words of the Rebbe to two grieving parents who asked how they can cope in the face of such tragedy.


  • 1. question wrote:

    not trying to fight or argue and i appreciate this video but is this always the Rebbe’s response to tragedy? wait for Moshiach? did the Rebbe say anything else about these types of situations?

  • 2. to #1 wrote:

    Listen or read carefully to the Rebbe’s words. He is not saying to “wait for Moshiach” but to “REINFORCE THE DEMAND FOR MOSHIACH TO COME”.
    What the Rebbe is hinting, I think, is that the prayers of these parents, due their tragic loss, have the potential to be imbued with special power and kavana and have a huge potential to accomplish great things. They should use their desire to see their son again to daven for the Geula and Tchiyas Hamesim.


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