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Music Video: Reb Shlomo Sings Reb Shlomo’s ‘Hinei’

Jewish singing star Shlomo Simcha, a member of the Toronto Chabad community, teamed up with local band Nafshenu to record a album of the music of Shlomo Carlebach, titled ‘Fusion.’

Nafshenu, one of Toronto’s premiere bands lead by drummer David Kerzner, is well known for its eclectic style and lively yet tasteful spirit. It has been performing for decades to audiences for weddings and concerts of all types and has succeeded in touching the souls of people from the entire Jewish spectrum.

Each musician brings forth his own unique style and influences, creating the beautiful tapestry of harmony and emotion that is the Nafshenu sound.

On this brand new recording the band revisits the music of Reb Shlomo Carlbach, who was known throughout the world for his simple, yet heartfelt and gorgeous melodies that spoke to the people of all ages, genders and religious levels. To this day, his music touches those of all sects of Judaism.

Nafshenu features the outstanding talent of Shlomo Simcha, who is known across the globe for his vocal talent and ability to uplift people everywhere, and Gabi Shull, who has recently joined the group and is quickly becoming a favorite amongst Toronto’s audiences.

The following video features a song from the new album, a rendition of Reb Shlomo’s hit song ‘Hinei Kel’ from havdala.

Nafshenu Fusion (2)


    • 4. Yitzchok Halevi wrote:

      While I agree that it’s quite good it’s nowhere near the “Original”. Reb Shlomo Carlebach was DA MAN!
      It’s like comparing the Rishonim to the Tanaim, though the Rishonim were pretty learned.

  • 8. LA wrote:

    The last time Shloime put out a solo album is quite some time… We miss you – please put out another solo album. You’re style is unique, eidel, yet powerful and energizing!

    For those who are being exposed to Shlomo Simcha for the first time, this music video doesn’t do justice! Go to any of the online music shops and you’ll hear amazing material!

  • 12. he call's him self a Lubavitcher? wrote:

    the was befeirush against shlomo carlibach the rebe told him that if he dose not keep shulchan aruch (which he did not at all at a certain point) the rebe wont acept him to Lubavitch thus threw him out of Lubavitch how dare anybody call him “reb” especially on a website run by “lubavitchers”….


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