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Video: Bike 4 Friendship Cyclists Go Skydiving

Several cyclists participating in the cross-country bike ride to benefit the Friendship Circle took a break from their 2,700 mile trek to jump from an airplane and parachute to the ground.


  • 1. Danger wrote:

    Isn’t this against Halacha? To deliberately put yourself in danger?

  • 5. Yossi wrote:

    Yitzi?! the mesiras nefesh on this trip is unparalleled! keep it up lol

  • 6. cma wrote:

    Yarmulkas? At least until the jump? I’m surprised that this video was published to the public… I wouldn’t want my son to see it.

  • 7. Masha wrote:

    Gevald!! Hashem yisborach help us! what is this Goyeshe music playing in the backround! Do we want our children to listen to this and chas V’shalom be influenced and start listening to goyishe music L’havdel

    • 8. Anonymous wrote:

      It’s amazing that you know who the singer is. Maybe you yourself are listening to her?


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