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Jewish Leaders: Holy Heroes or Human Beings

Torah Cafè

In this session of the National Jewish Retreat, Rabbi Yitzchak Schochet presents portraits of figures from Jewish history such as Adam, the Patriarchs, and Moses. We will be exploring what made them unique.

Were the spiritual super-stars in the Torah stories some rare breed of superhero, or were they natural and yet completely actualized human beings?

We will consider the question, ‘What makes a Jewish leader’ by examining their heroism and spiritual loftiness and consider whether we can ever become the same by searching for the hero inside ourselves.

This class was given at the National Jewish Retreat – a yearly event hosted by the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute. The Retreat is a five day learning and discovery experience with world-class Torah lecturers which offers the opportunity to relax, reflect and refresh one’s spirit in a luxurious setting. For more information about the National Jewish Retreat and to register for this year’s Retreat, check out

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  • 1. ‘What makes a Jewish leader’ wrote:

    What makes a Jewish leader: An appropriate subject delivered by the future Chief Rabbi of the Common Wealth. To paraphrase: It takes one (a Jewish leader) to know one (what it takes to be one).

  • 2. Boson m. wrote:

    After the sacrifice of Isaac shiur last week and now this, he’s got my vote as the UK next leader!


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