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Video of the Day! – RCCS’s Miracles

When Yossi Green and Avraham Fried get together and make music, the results are truly magnificent. In this song, made for the Rofeh Cholim Cancer Society, appropriately titled ‘miracles’ for the miracles that RCCS does in the lifes of the people that they give care to.

This video was shown at the RCCS summer BBQ.


  • 1. Yasher Koach wrote:

    This was the most touching videoI have ever seen, with the song, adn music in the backround and those beautiful now healthy Yiddishe Kinderlach. Thank you RCCS for your amazing work, Thank you Yossi Green for your incredible song,Thank you Avrohom Fried for your singing, but miostly Thank you Aibeshter for healing these Yiddish Neshamas.

  • 2. you forgot someone wrote:

    yossi green composed the tune, and avraham fried sang it so beautifully. abie rotenberg wrote the lyrics. yasher koach to all involved!!!

  • 3. very inspired! wrote:

    Incredibly Touching! May all of Klal Yisroel be healed with the coming of Moshiach now! Kol Hakovod to all those invoved in putting this together!THANK YOU CH.INFO for sharing!

  • 6. Crying wrote:

    Our biggest hope is that we shouldn’t have a need for such organizations, but until such time, Thank you!


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