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Video Trailer – Project Joy!

This, Project Joy! is a short video trailer produced by JabMedia, where in the world is Chabad? It is a sneak peak into a big project being worked on by Mendy Pellin and Peretz Golding.


  • 3. non-shliach-aussie wrote:

    I signed up to dance with my local Shliach. This is really cool!

  • 5. Jessica wrote:

    Please show less Chabad rabbis dancing and more chabad Rabbis teaching.

  • 7. Where-s the depth? wrote:

    I HOPE they have the seichel not to make this another shallow dancing-rabbis type of representation of chabad shluchim. We, chassidim, are supposed to be the teachers and scholars to the world above all else!!! As the Rebbe said, “Einnemmen di velt mit torah!”
    This breslov style joy project is nice as a toffel but not an ikkar!

  • 9. dave cunningham wrote:

    I agree with #6 I am tired of people portraying shluchim as shallow

  • 11. I wanna be in this!! wrote:

    Simple and brilliant idea! I gotta be in the video! It’s gonna be huge! How do I dance with my local Shliach?

  • 12. Kinda Replies wrote:

    #7 – I’m sure that’s where the idea came from. Only dif is, there isn’t the same person in every clip. And if that clip got 30 mil hits.. this can’t be such a bad idea. I’m lookin forward.

    #6 – The Rebbe always emphasized Joy. Dancing. Etc… This is a strong element to Shluchim that draw people in. Pure joy.

  • 14. Due Diligence wrote:

    Pachelbel Canon??? – Research the music to check for appropriatness, please.


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