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Video: Mrs. Miriam Swerdlov Speaks on the Last Day of Shiva

An inspiring talk by world-famous speaker Mrs. Miriam Swerdlov on the last day of the Shiva of her 3-year-old granddaughter Shula OBM.

Filmed by at the Community Beis Midrash of Shaarei Chesed.


  • 3. a fan wrote:

    Mrs. Swerdlov, may Hashem bless you and your family and have mercy on Klal Yisroel and bring Alta Shula back with the coming of Moshiach!

  • 4. Alef Mem wrote:

    wow this lady is amazing! I never realized it until now. Hashem really placed talent in the right hands as well as such strong bitachon. May we merit to see Moshiach NOW!

  • 6. Devorah Baila Spadone wrote:

    My very dear friend, the epitome of how a Chassid weathers incredible trials and tribulations and sees tragedy thru the myriad colored prisms of Hasgacha and ultimately geula. Who would think that I would be thanking you on the last day of shiva, giving all of us Hizuk with inspiring words painting for us with your gift of words, scholarship and insight…. the promise of geula of chesed thru all the gevurah. May we only know of simchas and rejoice with all of Klal Yisroel.

  • 10. nat wrote:

    Mrs. Swerdlov עמו“ש
    Thank you very much for the inspiring words. May you merit gezunte years for the entire family to the day of Moshiach’s arrival -and beyond.
    Regarding what you said about the letters אמ, there is a sicha from the Bobover Rebbe zt”l about this that would be great hischazkut for you and your son and family (and anyone else).
    I have uploaded one page of it (from sefer Kerem Shlomo) and you can view/download it at:
    Have a great Shabbos.

  • 12. miraim bas chaya sara wrote:

    Miriam you are a true Chosid! May you have the strength to continue to inspire and guide people in a chasssidisha way with your warm and humorous words. May you have many simcha and much nachus.

  • 13. Freida Shpigelman-MTL. wrote:

    Miriam – I am in awe of you & you inspire me…..always….. May it be only for good news & Vehokitzu veranenu… you said so we can all be with our loved ones….NOW!!!


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