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Funny Video – Shliach Blows Shofer with Pooch

Rabbi Benny Zippel of Chabad Lubavitch of Utah blows the shofar when family dog, Chewy, decides to add his voice to the mix. Thoroughly enjoyed by all in attendance.


  • 2. ANONYMOUS wrote:


  • 4. Baalshemsk FAN! wrote:

    Not soo funny!
    (my wife’s intuition has a stellar tracrecord!! really! she is always 100% airily accurate with her hunch’s)

    when she saw the dog walk up! she shreeked, “its a gilgul” of …. (omitted name out of respect for the dead) she named a well known opponent to the Lubavich’er Rebbeh,
    who has past away in israel about 10 years ago,
    she says, he was kept to a very old age as a zechus for torah study, to have a chance to do teshuva!
    she firmly believes this dog to be host to his reincornated soul so he may get “TIKOON” and R.I.P.

    wared?? i agree but she was almost never ever wrong!!!
    this was not just another dog tempted to imitate!

    we should say tehilim for all those souls in limbo :(

  • 5. mendy wrote:


    if ur gona write something so stupid at least leave ur name…

  • 7. hmm.. wrote:

    indeed that was VERY funny, however I also raised my eyebrows at “family dog.” Better it should just have been left as, “a dog in attendance…” that way people can think it belonged to someone in the crowd.

  • 8. A hoont wrote:

    Is it Zippel’s family dog? The horoah: Doggone it – a shaliach shouldn’t take his dog along on a peulah. Or better, a shaliach shouldn’t bichlal have a hoont. Although dog spelled backwards is…and we read from right to left. But och un vay to such a dog inspired g-d.

  • 9. The guy with the dog wrote:

    I love how the dog is smiling at the end, as if he’s saying, “So, is there gonna be a BBQ after this?”

  • 10. Rona wrote:

    You are all crazy. this doesnt even looks like the shliach’s dog- probably the family he is blowing the shofar for. AND IF HE HAS A DOG??? out there in yehupitz and his kids want a dog???

  • 12. YW wrote:


    I’m told the Rebbe owned a dog, but perhaps this is an unfounded rumor?

    As for Rabbi Zippel’s dog, how can people criticize the circumstances without knowing the Rabbi and his family???

    Maybe a non-Jew takes care of the dog on Shabbos and Yom Tov. Maybe the dog eats outdoors. Maybe the dog basically even lives outdoors, as many do outside of the big cities. Maybe everyone in the Zippel family washes their hands scrupulously after contact with the dog and the dog’s food, etc.

    I found another home for my two dogs when I moved to Crown Heights. I decided not to continue that lifestyle — that of being a dog owner — here in Crown Heights. Truthfully, I do not miss the dogs now, although I did at first. (Now, we have an aquarium.)

    But who are we to say that, somewhere else, under the right circumstances, having a dog is categorically worthy of criticism? And believe me, I’m absolutely no animal-rights activist!!!!

    I think I remember hearing that somewhere in Torah we are taught that we learn from every animal — from a dog, we learn loyalty. And you never know what sounds are going to provoke that instinctive ”call of the wild” — not a sign of any other wild behavior, by the way — in a dog. It sure makes sense, that the neshamah call of the shofar would do this.

    Thanks for the laugh, and for bringing me some happy memories of two old pals from another era of my life!

    Now, if we could just get rid of the pitbulls — canine AND human — in Crown Heights . . . .

  • 14. berel w. wrote:

    Are you guys for real? The “editor” here wrote “family-dog” and right away some dumb-bels assumed it’s the Zippe family – when R. Zippel simply participated in another family’s affair in the park. That dog belongs to someone at that event. I happen to know the Zippels and have been to their house. Not only do they not own a dog, but in fact Rabbi Zippel is petrified by dogs. To those who know him, no less funny and amazing is that he did not start running….

  • 16. Yitzie wrote:

    That doesn’t look like the Zippel dog! Those who know the Zippels will agree that that dog isn’t their family dog!

  • 17. I remember his bris wrote:

    We came in from England. It was a beautiful bris – the day he was neutered.

  • 18. Yiddle wrote:

    Whoever makes the best “OH MY STARS AND GARTERS A DOG!!!” comment wins the Chassidish contest!

  • 19. haha wrote:

    Why do ppl care IF he did have a dog. Get a life! (And it seems he doesn’t anyway) That was so funny! And those kids will NEVER forget the shofar! : )

  • 21. Mendel Saull wrote:

    The dog joining in

    The sounding of the shofar is,among other things, the inyan of haktoras ha Melech. Adam’s first act was to convene all of the animals together with him to “bow down to the One who made us”.The animals of the time readily participated so this canine doing the same should come as no surprise. On Rosh Hashana all of the world’s inhabitants come before Hashem like sheep. So why not a dog?

  • 22. To Rona wrote:

    To Rona: You wrote, “this doesnt even looks like the shliach’s dog”

    Please describe exactly what the shaliach’s dog looks like, so we can then decide if this is his dog or another dog.

  • 23. Trained Dog wrote:

    How did the shaliach train his dog to tekios? Will his dog also shake the lulov on succos? Great idea!! Having a J-dog doing mivtzoyim: lighting chanuka menorah, howling at haman’s name, fetching the afikoman matzah…wow, very creative!!

  • 25. To me wrote:

    To me:

    A Shaliach shouldn’t have a family dog. Ess past nisht!! And it IS very concerning!!! Unless, of course, it helps him in doing his shalichas…which may be the case here. Then it would be TOTALLY justified, under the special circumstances. But such an exception wouldn’t give a blanket heter for all other shaluchim to start having family dogs. The only dogs a shaliach should have are frankfurters (aka hot dogs).

  • 26. Benny Zippel-s family dog is named Chewy wrote:

    Is that short for Yehoshua = Shuey = Chewy?

  • 27. video fan wrote:

    When the editor wrote that it was a family dog, he meant that it was a dog from a family in the crowd, not a stray or wild random dog…

    The people at the demonstration sur will have something 2 remeber!


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