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Video: Part II – Rabbi Gancz’s Tznius Shuir to Men

The following is a full recording of the Shiur, Tznius part 2, that was given by Rabbi Aharon Dovid Gancz with Yagdil Torah this past Thursday to men in the Kollel.


  • 1. yasherkoiach - but. wrote:

    with all due respect.

    please don’t say things (chumrahs) that a majority of lubavitchers are not accustomed to.

    don’t teach what won’t be kept. ie. the bullet proof socks etc..

    it’s a bit over the top


  • 3. with all due repsect wrote:

    dont bring satmare minhogim to lubavitch…vos iz di mases mit billboards,pictures, nareshkeiten….lubavitch doesnt koch in di yinyanim…mir chochen in pnimius nish chatzonious…dont make new minhogim…shtusim!!!

  • 4. your chaver wrote:

    we though you left your kanious (radicalism) in satmare 20 years ago!!!

  • 5. we want to hear it wrote:

    can you publish it as a recording so that we can listen to it while on the road..etc…

  • 6. Towith all due repsect wrote: wrote:

    Stop being a sour apple
    There are MANY good things we can learn from them.
    We can even learn from a Ganev (Hoyom Yom).
    If your looking who to copy – better copy them than…………
    “Better safe than sorry”.
    There is nothing wrong with an extra RICHUK, especialy in this current situation.
    The rebbe NEVER spoke against the good things they do!

  • 7. e where wrote:

    great job! keep going Rabbi Gancz! YOU are a true shlaich of the Rebbe!!

  • 8. Xcusses and justifications! xept d truth wrote:

    soo much intimidation directed at rg! either put up or …up!

    “kabel ho-emes mimi she-omro”!

    instead of trying to eaddurate and misrepresent his actual (uplifting) message!

  • 9. wow! i-m hardly chabad! my self but.... wrote:

    these comments attacking this Rabbi are soo defensive and see-throuh!

    you ppl cant stand hearing the uncomfortable truth!

    its in convenient message demands too much pf u “so called” chasidim,

    last i checked, a chossid is ONLY one who followes the Rebbeh! not like most of u in c.h. disgracing his community!

    and rebelling against his desire! for his followers to be dressed modestly!

    u fakers only want to use the name chabad to feel part of a amazing movement… yet are unwilling to practice any of it’s demands on u!

    shame on all of u! for attacking the lone voice who actually sounds like his views are based in torah! NOT your mags!

    then u try white washing your views on the Rebbe’s pulpit! how dare you!!

    i have been reading the rebbe’s approach on many toppics and you fakers are “selfish” brats willing to destroy any remnants of authentic “chasidishkei” and then attack those with courage who expose your true colors!

    u ladies are a whole bunch of pathetic insecure embarrassments to your husbands and chabad!

    get treated for your inner shallowness and outer desperation! its soo disturbing how many of you lack the self awarness and maturity to realize what statement your slutty dress speaks about you!

  • 10. major selfesteem problms! its soo OBVOUS wrote:

    if u have a problem w self image, dont try justifying yourself with holly sounding words,

    get help instead of attacking R. Ganz! he is obviously ruffling some fethers with all those who want the name chabad, but dont want to live by its demands!

  • 11. Cahabad wrote:

    Chabad Satmar Unite Bifore The Coming of Moshiach tzidkainu bibhairu beyumainu Go Go Rabbi Ganz

  • 12. QUICKEST SOLUTION!! wrote:


    tznius problem solved! guaranteed!!

  • 14. jewess in crown heights wrote:

    It is so interesting to see these anonymous cowardly comments.
    I feel so sad that the level of ahavas yisroel is so low.
    It is so so dysfunctional.
    but dysfunctional ppl rarely have self awareness.
    I really feel so sad for ppl who denigrate ppl who are trying to help others.
    For Gd sake, yes he smells of Satmar still.
    so what ????
    are you listening to his words, they are TORAH.
    so so sad, so so petty, so so far away from your yiddishe neshomo

  • 15. Honesty wrote:

    Comments are TRUE

    Read up and be EDUCATED!
    The Rebbe said we should take example from BEIS YAAKOV in how to dress… Ask any learned Rav for the source of that instruction… In there Rebbe gives EXACT instruction to measurements of skirts etc.

    Yes chabad women- u must increase in TZNIYUS… U r delaying moshiach chas veshalom w your new “modern” dress and too showy sheytels…

    U r chitzoniyot saying this Rabbi is like another group… Rather LOOK at the TRUE state if chabad worldwide… OPEN your eyes…

    Too many girls in short socks, women in skirts ABOVE their knees…

    Time to RECTIFY and CHANGE immed!!!

    In merit if RIGHTEOYS women we were redeemed… Same this generation…

    We were redeemed in merit of:

    1. Jewish names
    2.jewish language
    3. TZNIYS

    TESHUVA to chabad untzniys dress! Face it, own it and rectify it …

    Don’t b defensive


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