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Video – Lipa Sings for Moishe’le Holtzberg

Lipa Schmeltzer recently flew to Israel, where he visited Moishe’le Holtzberg. During his visit he sang and presented him with the song, “A Letter To Moishele”. This video clip includes scenes from Lipa’s visit with Moishele and his family.


  • 2. Merliner wrote:

    With all due respect it is disgusting to see this boy be taken advantage of for record sales by Shmeltzer.
    He should be allowed to grow up with his loving grandparents and relatives without this onstant intrusion.

  • 3. Einoy Doimeh R-iyah L-Shmiya wrote:

    He SOUNDS like he is for real,
    but he LOOKS like a faker.
    Listen to the video with your eyes closed!

  • 4. cm wrote:

    thank you Lipa.
    what a beautiful song that portrays whats in all of klal yisroel’s hearts

  • 5. Shmuli wrote:

    To Merliner & Einoy Doimeh:

    I believe that people buy Lipa is well known and he does not need Moishe’le in order to achieve better ‘record sales’. Whether you agree that the song is necessary, he is not taking advantage, but is doing an act of kindness. Lipa is giving in the best way he knows how – through music.

    Instead of criticizing, I’d like to know what you can do for Moishe’le. Please post your answer.

  • 6. MUSHKY wrote:

    This song is very nice…

  • 8. beshem klal yisroel wrote:

    Before criticising so much, and givin all your eitsis TELL ME WHAT YOU DID TO HELP LITTLE MOISHELE!!!???

  • 9. Merliner wrote:

    Shmuli I have personally contributed funds and encouraged my community to send monies to the family to the tune of thousands of dollars. This is just disgraceful, counterproductive and undermining.
    It beings into question the handling of the affairs and calling of shots etc. vdal.

  • 10. Shame on LIpa wrote:

    This is exploitation of the highest order.

    Shame on Lipa. This is really in poor taste.

    To use a tragedy in such a tranparent way, is really in poor poor taste.


    I do not fall for this fakery. If he cares about the Holtzbergs let him take ALL the proceeds of his BIG EVENT and put it to building the new bais chabad in Mumbai.

  • 11. chayainLondon wrote:

    beautiful song…i was crying the whole way through!
    can you people just stop being so negative.
    He expresses himself through music and this song is a masterpiece and reflects just his emotions nothing else.
    If you have nothing nice to say, dont say anything.
    My compliments to Lipa.

  • 12. FALSHE SHTICK wrote:

    “the song is so nice”…..“made me cry”…..“greatest song ever written”……bla, bla, bla, bla….enough already!!

    the song is just OK! not original or anything. But…I can accept it for what it is. A “masterpiece” it is absolutly not! However, the fake tears and the HOLLYWOOD shtick, is so obvious, it’s disgusting.

    this letter to Moishele is a disgrace.

    to Lipa, and all the the other copy cats:

    STOP EXPLOITING AND USING MOISHELE! shame on you! convince us that ALL proceeds of your fraudulent letter are going to Moishele directly, and maybe, just maybe, i won’t be so hard on you.

    …..and those of you who can’t stomach a few genuine heartfelt comments that happen to be a bit negative, don’t read them. we should all be allowed to express our opinions, positive or negative. this is what this forumn is all about.

    lets all do away the FONYISM!

  • 13. i agree not to use moishele for urself wrote:

    hes a young boy that just lost his parents. u want to do a song for him, even with all the “tears” and whatever you want, go ahead, but dont exploit him for your own uses lipa.

    also i dont agree with the whole idea of ‘moishele neshamale’ pardon me for saying this, but moishele did not die in mumbai chv. he was saved. so instead of focusing on this tremendous miracle you do what you did. make it like ‘gavriel and rivky neshomole’ and sing that to him so he shoulnt forget his parents. you want to make a song for him, focus on ‘uvechol zois shimcho loi shochochnu’ and call it something along the lines of ‘moishele will continue’
    after hes only a boy, hardly out of babyhood
    lets see some REAL sincerity lets see you giving a bit of your income from this song towards moisheles upkeeping or for new shluchim to go to mumbai

  • 14. ND wrote:

    It is so sad to see how no act of kindness can be accepted.
    Lipa did his best. Oftentimes singers go to the hospital beds of patients to cheer them up – not for record sales, but for chesed.
    Whether or not we love how he did it, it was very thoughtful of him to go there. The Holtzbergs HY“D did not ”belong“ to Chabad, they are a symbol for yidden worldwide. Everyone was hurt. Everyone wants to help. For him, it was through a song, and he decided to go ”all the way.”
    For us, let’s do something more meaningful: Do an extra mitzva, and if you prefer, don’t visit Moishele.


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